willWill Alt, CEO
Professionalism – For 7 years now Will as been a force here at CPP&S. Starting in 2009 as a Project Manager and working his way up the ranks to Sales Manager in 2014. Proving to be a vital part of the success and progress CPP&S has experienced.  With over 12 years of sales and management experience in the real estate and construction product markets in the Pacific Northwest area, Will has gained a valuable understanding of market strategies and fluctuations. Raised in a rural setting in Montana, Will grew around a family owned lumber production company that taught valuable skills in the diesel engine and equipment industry, as well as owning his own real estate company later in life. We are proud to say that Will served his country for 5 years in a special operations group with the US Army, to include extensive overseas tours. His time serving our Nation ingrained professionalism, discipline, and dedication into his work ethic that is second to none.

Glenn HansenGlenn Hansen – President
Leadership, Motivator – Glenn Hansen spent 25 years in big box retail.  He enjoyed exceptional success as he quickly rose through the management and executive roles.  As a successful business ‘operator’ and long-time student of Leadership, wanted to help other business leaders.  Since 2009, Glenn has been working side-by-side with Executives and Business Owners who have wanted to take their companies and their leadership effectiveness to the next level. We are fortunate that, as of October of 2015, Glenn has joined us as our CEO.  His Leadership has already impacted our company and our employees in wonderful ways as we look to growing and serving our customers better each year.


Scott PapeScott Pape, Director of Electrical Distribution and Flooring

Industrious  – As a grad of the University of Idaho with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Scott understands the meaning and rewards of being industrious.  Combined with his six years background in sales and marketing, enables Scott to bring innovative and resourceful ways of thinking to the CPP&S team.  The unique ability to think and work the project through starting from the desired end result and working backwards has made Scott the “go to guy” not only in his area of expertise but in all Critical Power Products & Services sales disciplines.



Tyler Harbour, Director of Field Operations

 Efficiency – With 16 years of working on and around industrial equipment such as tractors to drilling rigs and his 4 years dedicated to working on large project decommissioning jobs, Tyler has gained stellar knowledge in efficient and safe ways in getting any job done right the first time. A Montana cattle ranch and metal fabrication family-owned business established his work ethic early.  A degree in auto and diesel mechanics at Wyoming Tech taught Tyler the ins and outs of most any type of equipment.  He is also certified for HVAC and has learned the electrical world as well.  Working on drilling rigs in North Dakota and Wyoming for over five years further developed his skills. Tyler’s ability to overcome, adapt, and problem solve in the field gives Critical Power Products & Services a great advantage in getting the job done right and exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Nicholas Peterson, Directonickr of Marketing and IT

Forward Thinking – In this quickly evolving technical world, Nicholas works diligently to keep Critical Power Products & Services on the forefront of Marketing and IT.  His Graphic Design background and Visual Communications degree enables him to optimize the communication process between our Customers and Project Managers. Nicholas executes the daily task of keeping the CPP&S brand looking fresh and up-to-date by incorporating state-of-the-art marketing and graphic techniques. “We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” – Abraham Lincoln.

Brian PapeBrian Pape, Sr. Project Manager

Positive Energy – Papy has been involved with overseeing projects and account management while providing valuable support for his team for over four decades. From his early days of representing ski equipment manufacturers, all the while providing demonstrations on the ski hill, to account development and account management to business ownership he has developed his professional knack to become not only an asset  to the successes of the businesses he’s been involved with but also a personal friend to many of his clients. The common denominator seems to be not only his positive attitude and integrity but his sincere caring for his clients and their needs. An avid snow skier, snowmobiler, fisherman, hunter and pleasure boater to name a few outdoor activities he takes full advantage of as a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest.

jim s bio pic

Jim Shenefelt, Sr. Project Manager

Other Centered – Jim loves to help others.  Whether it is our customers, our vendor partners or our team of Project Managers, he is making a difference for them.  That is part of why Jim is a Sr. Project Manager.  He is always looking to help, guide and inspire.  His influence here at Critical Power Products & Services makes us better as a team.  Jim brings over 25 years of sales and project management experience.


PhilThompsonPhil Thompson, Sr. Project Manager

Profound – Phil brings a positive can do attitude to his customers and thoroughly enjoys serving them.  He has a unique way with everyone he deals with.  Phil brings ten years of business to business relationship marketing to the table.  His clients tell of his warm outdoor stories, attention to detail and quick sense of humor.  They like his intensity of getting the job done. Prior to CPP&S Phil was a private investigator, technology recruiter, and served in our armed forces.