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atos-2 cat-gen-being-rigged img_0839

ATOS North America: Atos SE (Societas Europaea) is a leader in digital services.. Serving a global client base.

Location: Oregon, USA

Equipment Involved: 1500 kW CAT Generator, Day Fuel Tank, 1500 kW Load Bank

Why ATOS chose CPP&S: CPP&S was able to complete the project at zero cost to the client. Additionally, CPP&S was able to return a substantial amount of capital to the client for the equipment removed.


IBM Sign 20160328_132659

IBM: International Business Machines Corporation is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation

Location: Gaithersburg, MD.

Equipment Involved: 11 MW of Backup Power and Electrical Distribution. 2250 Tons of cooling and thousands of sq ft of Raised Access Flooring.

Why IBM chose CPP&S: CPP&S was able to provide IBM with the best capital return. CPP&S had the capabilities to handle this large scale project in a short window of time and provided the client with a full turnkey solution.


Verizon Sign IMG_20140617_111008_445

Verizon: As of January 2016, Verizon Wireless provided wireless services to 140.1 million subscribers. It is the largest wireless telecommunications provider in the United States.[5]

Location: Pleasanton, CA.

Equipment Involved: 3 MW of Backup Power and Electrical Distribution. 1200 Tons of Cooling.

Why Verizon chose CPP&S: CPP&S had the capability to provide a one-stop, turnkey solution in the time frame required.


Calgon Carbon building 

Calgon Carbon: As a valuable producer during World War II of crucial war material such as military gas masks Calgon Carbon has been a pioneer in creating new activated carbon products from purifying air and drinking water to purifying foods and pharmaceuticals.

Location: Cattlesburg, KY

Equipment Involved: 2, Westinghouse 67,000 Volt Transformers

Why Calgon Carbon chose CPP&S: Persistence, relationship building and patience from our CPP&S Project Manager


Chesapeak sign Gens at Capital One

Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation: CLF is an education foundation operating charter schools.

Location: Laurel, MD

Equipment Involved: 3 MW of Backup Power and Electrical Distribution

Why CFL chose CPP&S: Chesapeake Foundation was on a tight remodel schedule over the summer getting the facility ready for the start of the school year. CPP&S provided a one stop turnkey solution in a tight time frame while providing additional value to the foundation for the equipment removed.


Little Rock Medical Assoc gen from little rock med center  gen 2

Little Rock Medical Center: World Class medical center located in Little Rock Arkansas

Location: Little Rock, AR

Equipment Involved: 2 MW of Backup Power and Electrical Distribution. 1500 Tons of Cooling

Why Little Rock Med Center Chose CPP&S: CPP&S came in and purchased the major equipment on site and hired local, known contractors to remove the equipment.  The gear needed to be removed with in four weeks of the new center operating. CPP&S was Little Rock’s one stop shop.


Sungard Sungard Project

SunGard: SunGard provides leading financial software solutions & services to institutions in every segment of the financial services industry.

Location: Denver, CO.

Equipment Involved: 14,000 sqft complete data center decommission

Why SunGard chose CPP&S: CPP&S was able to handle the complete decom in a 4 week time slot and provided positive and steady project management.