IT Provider vs IT Partner: Protelligent, our IT Partner

protelligent-logo-lpf-686x146_72We all know the difference it can make when you are treated as a partner versus a product. Partnering with Protelligent for Outsourced IT made that difference for us here at Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S). With over 23 years in business we had experienced more than our share of IT companies. We decided to look for a company with a proven track record while at the same time had a reputation for personal service and genuinely cared about their clients. We found that with Protelligent.

CPP&S is in the business of providing products and services for professionals in the backup power and environmentally controlled computer room industry.  This means, we ourselves, need a reliable infrastructure in place in order to serve our clients at the highest level possible. Protelligent has proven to be a solid source for us. Our downtime has been almost zero and the times it has crashed (due to faulty equipment) Protelligent’s CloudDR program has been able to put us back to work quickly with minimal, if any damage to our data or processes.  Our company stores over 2TB worth of data and without the CloudDR in place a critical crash would prove detrimental.

Protelligent has an array of quality services and capabilities, like Managed IT Complete, VCIO and WAN Telecom Services just to name a few, while operating out of one of the country’s few Tier 4 Data Centers. Having this world class Data Center allows Protelligent to be secure, efficient and flexible.

pro-it-logoOne key aspect that makes Protelligent a great match for CPP&S is personal service, it makes an absolute world of difference when things go sideways and we can talk to a person and not a machine. This is key! Another would be proactive monitoring. Equipment breaks, which is part of life, but having someone know when it breaks, or better yet, knows before it breaks is ideal. Protelligent’s constant monitoring and 24 x 7 services eliminates the worries of showing up to work on Monday with unwanted surprises.

CPP&S is grateful and excited to continue many more years utilizing the Professional IT Services Protelligent has to offer.

At Protelligent, we firmly believe that your success is our success. As such, we partner with you to craft solutions that will both meet your needs today, and grow with your tomorrow…”