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We Specialize In Backup Power For Crypto Mining.

It’s a new industry that requires serious power to operate.  And when that power goes is interrupted, the result can be millions of dollars in lost income.

In recent months, Critical Power has done site evaluations and sold a large number of backup power generator systems to Cryptocurrency Mines around the country.  The huge power requirements for these mines usually means the installation of large commercial diesel, natural gas or a series of mobile generators.

We’re Now One Of America’s Leading Suppliers of Crypto Mine Backup Power

Because this is a relatively new industry, not every company can appreciate what is needed to avoid power loss and the resulting cost.   We have the background and experience needed to determine the right generator for Crypto mines.  We have both new and pre-owned generators in stock and have one of the fastest delivery turnaround times in the U.S. thanks to strong, long-time partnerships with manufacturers.

Talk With Our Experts About Your Crypto Mine Plans

We can visit your site and help determine the size, configuration and type of backup generator you will need.  We’re happy to provide free, no-obligation estimates, along with installation and ongoing maintenance of your system to prevent problems down the road.

Critical Power is a Veteran-Owned and Operated Business

To Speak With One Of Our Generator Experts, Call 855-968-0176

Or visit to view our selection of generators.

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