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When shopping for a mobile generator, you will often hear the term Rental Grade. And you may ask what makes a Generator, rental grade. Here are some basics differences that give that designation.

  1. Rental grade generators must be versatile. Often, they can operate at both single and three phase currents. Also, they typically have a voltage selector switch which allows the user to power a variety of items at the proper voltage.
  2. Sound Attenuation. In many cases these rental grade mobile generators are used on construction and emergency sites. Often these sites can be in an area where noise can be an issue. A quality sound insulation makes a big difference.
  3. Prime Rated. While standby emergency generators are very common, they are only designed to run for limited hours. With a Rental Grade unit, they are often prime rated for continuous use as an emergency or prime power source.
  4. Mobile / Trailer Mounted. Most jobsites and emergency situations require the machine to be on wheels. These towable power suppliers are typically built on heavy duty trailers, often with base and/or standalone fuel tanks added for the ability to run for extended periods of time.
  5. They rent/sell quickly! – In an emergency situation, mobile generators clear out if stock at a high rate. Even as a dealer of generators for many years, we have found that keeping trailer mounted generators in stock can be challenging.

Be prepared. Contact a dealer you trust and set up and emergency preparedness plan now. We are here to help and answer any questions

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