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As data centers become more and more vital to successful business operations, it becomes equally as important that they are maintained in a professional manner. Part of this maintenance plan may involve a data center relocation as the old data center becomes obsolete or the business moves to a new geographic location.

Whether you need to move your data center for physical or virtual reasons, and whether you plan to retain your existing equipment or migrate all of your data and applications to new equipment, successful data center relocation begins with a plan. This is particularly important if you want to minimize downtime or even remain up and running throughout the transition.

At Critical Power Products and Services, we think this planning stage should kick off with a series of face-to-face interviews, during what we call the Discovery Phase.

Expect To Spend Time In The Discovery Phase

One of the Rrst steps in every data center relocation project is the Discovery Phase. This phase occurs early in the process and is much more involved than simply providing a list of servers and equipment that needs to be moved. When done well, most of the groundwork for the entire project can be handled at this stage.

The Discovery Phase is the time when CPP&S’s data center relocation consultants meet with key personnel and subject matter experts on your team. We conduct in-depth interviews and site inspections to learn all about your existing infrastructure and applications, your speciRc relocation needs and limitations, and your business requirements. We identify areas of risk and use the information we learn from your team to create a relocation plan that is efcient and effective and totally in line with your goals and business demands.

In-person, on-site interviews are best for collecting this kind of data. It is through these one-on-one conversations that we are able to understand the nuances of your business needs and clarify questions and issues that arise. We’ll rely on your internal experts to provide us with critical business information and, in turn, our data center relocation experts will develop a plan that puts your mind at ease during this time of transition.

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20 Years Of Data Center Relocation Services

Critical Power Products and Services has nearly 20 years of experience providing data center relocation services that minimize the risks and liabilities of moving a data center. Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our data center relocation services and capabilities or call us at 855-968-0176 to discuss your project today!

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