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When businesses decide to buy a standby generator they often gravitate towards new equipment, but that’s not your only option. Used industrial generators are an excellent way to get reliable, standby power at an affordable price.

4 Benefits of Buying Used Industrial Generators

When buying industrial generators, you’ll need to consider your needs and then determine if new or used is the right Rt for your business and your budget, but all other factors being equal, here’s what you can expect from buying used industrial generators:

  1. Major Price Discounts. The most obvious beneRt to buying used industrial generators is the price. Used generators cost much less than new machines, often for no other reason than simply being pre-owned. Name brand used generators can cost as much as 40-60% less than comparable new generators.
  2. Low Hours. Another big benefit to buying used generators is that they often have very few hours on them, especially if they were used for standby purposes only. You can get a like-new machine for used pricing. Generators are built to last and last they do. Many gensets can run into the 10’s of thousands of hours. You should not be concerned if the used generator you have your eye on has a few hundred hours on it as long as you have access to the maintenance records and can assure yourself it’s been well maintained.
  3. Tested and Proven. A used generator has already proven itself in operation. You can’t say t same for new equipment. If you buy your “new to you” generator from a trusted reseller like Critical Power Products & Services you have the additional peace of mind that the generator has undergone stringent testing to ensure safety and performance. Some used generators have even been refurbished to like new condition, providing even greater benefits.
  4. Immediate Availability. Need your generator ASAP? Buying used industrial generators will ensure the equipment arrives right on time. Used generators are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. If you buy new, you’ll likely have to place and order and wait weeks or months for fulfillment and delivery.

Need to calculate your power needs? Or maybe you need to convert KVA to KW, or KW to HP. Check out this Power Calculator!

Browse Used Industrial Generators At Critical Power Products & Services

Critical Power Products & Services stocks used industrial generators from the biggest names, including BlueStar and HIPOWER. We buy and sell used industrial generators across a range of industries. All of the generators for sale on our site have been fully inspected and serviced and we guarantee their performance.

Contact our team at 855-968-0176 or browse our inventory online to Rnd your next used industrial generator.

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