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Today’s heavily automated farming practices require a constant supply of power. Power continuity is no longer a “nice to have”, but a “must have”. Without electricity, farming operations can grind to a halt and, depending on the time of year, can have devastating consequences for your bottom line and even the farm’s viability.

One ways farmers and ranchers get around this problem is to have a backup power system installed. Generators that are not connected to the local electrical grid are the solution of choice. When installed properly, a simple flip of the switch has electricity flowing and operations moving along. But what about when no one is around to flip that switch? Will the cows get milked on time? Will the loss of light affect egg production? Will the barns remain cool and ventilated? Will the crop irrigation system still work?

Remote Monitoring is Essential

Often overlooked, but vitally important, are the remote monitoring and control systems of backup generators and power continuity systems. These components monitor power operations 24/7, alert you when the power dips or cuts out, and automatically start the backup power system up shortly after the power goes out.

Not only is remote monitoring a lifesaver for emergency power loss situations, but it can keep you apprised of any off goings-on with your electrical system in general. If your power is dipping or cutting in and out regularly, you may not notice it yourself, but the monitoring system will and it will alert you. This can help you become aware of and identify areas of concern so you can get them fixed before they become problematic.

Power Must be a Part of the Business Continuity Plan

We hope you have a business continuity plan in place for your farm, but if you don’t, don’t delay any longer – and make sure it has a power continuity component. Whether the power outage is a few hours or a few days, a continuity plan will help you weather the storm.

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