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Data center migration is a complex undertaking that many companies just can’t handle on their own. For one thing, it’s not something most businesses need to do with any kind of frequency. That means when it does happen, it’s a whole new endeavor that likely needs to be developed from scratch. That’s a tall order for companies whose primary business is not data center migration. Because of this there may be pushback or a reluctance to migrate the data center.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to relocate your data center, we’ve got four telltale signs that the answer is Yes.

Four Signs It’s Time to Hire Data Center Migration Services

  1. Capital budget constraints. Doing more with less is a way of life for many businesses nowadays. But old, inefficient data centers or maintaining multiple data centers can bleed money and drain budgets. Sometimes, the solution is to consolidate existing data centers to maximize existing resources.
  2. Increased demands on data storage capabilities. Data demands are not going away. In fact, they are only increasing. That means we need more servers, more equipment, and more space. Data centers can quickly become too small – both physically and in terms of computing space. The answer? Moving to a new data center.
  3. Maintenance costs. Again, multiple sites mean more staff, more rental/lease/purchase costs, more equipment…you get the idea. If your maintenance costs are eating up your budget, a data center migration can consolidate and minimize costs while also improving performance.
  4. Aging, inefficient infrastructure. Technology changes seemingly every day. What was top-of-the-line just a year ago can be terribly outdated now. Inefficient systems can increase your energy costs and drain your budget. Even worse, hackers have become more insidious and savvier, managing to compromise even the most robust of data security systems. These risks are higher, the older the system is. Sometimes the best protection is a data center migration that includes upgraded equipment.

It’s at times like these that businesses come to rely on Critical Power Products & Services. Our 20 years of experience guarantees proper planning that minimizes risk and service disruption and maximizes your ROI.

Visit our Data Center Relocation page to learn more about our services and capabilities or call us at 855-968-0176 to discuss the specifics of your data center migration today.

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