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If you think some industries fare worse than others when the power’s out, you’re right. While any business can suffer during a power outage, some can weather the storm, so to speak, better than others. For some businesses a loss of power is annoying, but for others it can be incredibly damaging – for both the business and their customers.

Here are 5 industries that are most adversely affected by power outages.

5 Industries where Power Loss is Disastrous

  1. Financial. When you consider how many of our Financial transactions occur online or electronically, it’s not hard to see just how damaging a loss of power can be to banks, financial institutions, and even our personal finances. For companies that handle stock market transactions, any loss of power that affects the ability to trade, even for a short period of time, can spell havoc.
  2. Data Centers. Data centers are the backbone of many industries. Power loss at these locations can cripple businesses even when the actual business is conducted hundreds of miles away. Not only can a loss of power prevent organizations from going about their normal operations, downtime can cause losses that are unrecoverable and may even lead to a loss of data and information that will require a heavy investment in recovery efforts, if recovery is possible at all.
  3. Perishables. Beyond grocery stores, warehouses, and food suppliers, perishables can include pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. These industries all rely on an uninterrupted supply of power to store and preserve their products, many of which are highly temperature-sensitive. Power losses can result in millions of dollars of loss if products must be thrown out due to damage, spoiling, or contamination.
  4. Healthcare & Medical. People’s lives are literally dependent on properly running electrical equipment in hospitals and nursing homes. Even short disruptions can cause loss of life or serious damage to patient health and welfare. Natural gas and diesel generators are common sights at hospitals and medical facilities, ready to power on in seconds to minimize disruption of power.|
  5. Government & Military. It may be off the radar of the general public, but our government and military institutions need power to function effectively. Perhaps the times that they need power the most are when it’s out due to a natural disaster or manmade emergency. Equipment, communications, defense systems and weapons all depend on reliable power. Without it, civil society can quickly fall into unrest.

These are just 5 examples of industries that are most heavily affected by power outages. One thing they all have in common is that their business outputs have a strong impact on the average citizens’ lives. When any one of these industries suffers a power loss, people feel it. Critical Power has many generators for sale to combat power loss in your business.

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