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If you browse our inventory regularly, you’ve no doubt noticed that we stock both diesel generators and natural gas (NG) generators. Although diesel generators used to be the go-to for reliable backup generator power, NG is giving diesel some strong competition as natural gas prices have dropped and the gas has become more widely available through pipelines, tanks, and cylinders.

Natural gas and diesel generators work the same way and can provide similar amounts of power. The only difference is in the type of fuel they use. Here’s a look at why NG generators are increasingly popular.

4 Reasons to Consider Natural Gas Generators

  1. Fuel Cost. As long as NG prices remain lower when compared to diesel, long-term operating costs related to fuel will be lower.
  2. Clean-burning. NG is one of the cleanest burning of fossil fuels, emitting less sulfur and particulates than other fuel types. That means that pungent odor you associate with generators doesn’t exist with a NG unit.
  3. Quieter. In general, ng gensets run quieter than diesel gensets. This can be very important in populated areas.
  4. Availability. NG is readily available in many locations. Generators can be hooked right up to the facility’s incoming natural gas pipeline. There’s no need to install a separate storage tank onsite, as you’d need with a diesel generator.

NG Generators are a Smart Choice for Urban Locations

If you need a generator in an urban setting that has access to a NG pipeline, a NG generator makes more sense than a diesel unit. They are quieter, the fuel comes to you, and they’re more efficient. The downside is that your generator’s fuel is subject to fuel line availability. If there were a serious disaster and the natural gas line was disrupted, your generator would not be operational.

Diesel generators are better suited to rural applications and locations that are off the grid, are not supplied by a NG pipeline, or in cases where backup power is an absolute need and you can’t risk supply line disruption.

Shop used and surplus natural gas and diesel generators for sale at Critical Power Products & Services. Browse inventory online or call us at 855-968-0176 to get started!

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