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Your data center fulfills so many functions for your business, keeping it running smoothly in all year round is a must. Managing your cooling system is a huge part of keeping your company’s data center running smoothly and efficiently, but this isn’t just a task for the warmer months. Your data center cooling system needs to be maintained in the winter, too. Here are some tips to follow to keep your data center in tip-top shape all winter long.

Yes, You Do Need To Cool Your Data Center In The Winter

Here’s a question we get asked quite a bit: “Do we need to cool our data center in the winter?” The answer is, “Yes, you do.”

Even if you’ve relocated your data center to a colder climate, you still need to run your cooling system. Although, it won’t have to work as hard as it would in warmer climates. Relocating your data center to a colder climate is just one step you can take to maintain your data center cooling system. Here are some more to steps to help you manage your cooling system this winter.

Tips To Help You Maintain Your Data Center Cooling System:

Use Row And Rack Cooling To Help Your System Cooling Work More Efficiently

This method uses rows and racks to cool controlled area in your data center, focusing more energy on areas that need more cooling and focusing less energy on areas that don’t. Concentrate on your “high-need” areas will take some stress off of your system because you won’t be wasting energy cooling areas that don’t need it.

Check And Maintain Your Insulation

Your data center generates a lot of heat, even in the winter. If there are cracks in your insulation, that heat can escape, causing snow and ice to melt and refreeze. This melting and refreezing can expand tiny cracks into major holes, which makes for major repairs. This can eventually let water trickle into your data center, and that can damage your equipment and cause you to lose data.

Perform Regular Maintenance Before Winter Hits

We can’t stress this enough, regular maintenance can prevent so many significant issues. Make sure you maintain your data center cooling system before the weather makes it too difficult.

Do You Need More Info On Maintaining Your Data Center Cooling System This Winter?

Critical Power Products & Services can help you keep your data center in peak shape this winter. Contact us for more tips and information on how you can keep your cooling system working longer and more efficiently.

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