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Partnering with Critical Power Products and Services to relocate, consolidate, or decommission your data center is a smart business move that saves plenty of businesses time, money, and frustration. One of the most common questions we get asked when working with a business’ data center is “What happens to our old data center equipment?”

Many companies are concerned about the environmental impact their old computing equipment poses. But we are happy to tell them that very, very little, if any, of the data center equipment that we handle ends up in landfills. Our process is so efficient that 90% of the old data center equipment that we see is either reused, resold, or recycled.

Our Three-Pronged Approach To Data Center Equipment Disposal

Data centers are cost-intensive throughout their entire life cycle, from initial purchase and set up to ongoing operations and maintenance. When the time comes to retire your old equipment, we think businesses should be able to recoup some of those costs either by selling their old equipment or by disposing of it in a way that doesn’t cost them a lot of money. Our services aim to do just that. Here’s what we do with old data center equipment:

Reuse Equipment. Some companies prefer to reuse as much of their old data center equipment as possible, especially if they’ve been adding pieces year over year and some of it is still meeting their needs. This is a smart way to save some cash and minimize disruption to the business. If this sounds like your situation, CPP&S will work closely with your team to identify and relocate those pieces so you can reuse them at your new site.

Resell Equipment. Just because equipment doesn’t work for your business any longer doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Many smaller companies or start-ups will jump at the chance to buy highquality used data center equipment. We make the process easy for everyone with our Buyback Program. We offer current market value for UPS’s, PDU’s, air conditioners, generators, raised access Qooring, and more to help you turn what could be a liability into an asset!

Recycle Equipment. Sometimes, there’s just no hope for reusing or selling a piece of equipment. When that time comes, CPP&S will dismantle the piece into basic components and recycle them. Steel and other metals, circuit boards, chips…most of it can be 100% recycled. Our nationwide network of recyclers and smelters ensures that most of the equipment that passes through our hands Rnds new life in another form. What doesn’t, like hazardous wastes, is handled, managed, and disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal guidelines right here in the United States – and, by working with CPP&S, you are absolved of any responsibility for the disposal of those items.

Trust Your Old Data Center Equipment To Critical Power Products and Services

For over 20 years we have been helping businesses dispose of unwanted or unneeded data center equipment in ways that make the most sense for the business. Contact Critical Power Products and Services and at 855-968-0176 to learn more about our data center services and find out how much money we can save you!

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