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Will The Move Away From Fossil Fuels Cause You To Trade In Your Existing Generator?

Take a good, hard look at your current backup generator … if it’s more than 20 years old, it may not be meeting your current capacity needs. Just like the engine in your truck, backup generators sometimes need major service or replacing, especially given the sporadic use they experience.

Upgrade From Your Current Generator To A New Or Refurbished One From Critical Power

If your current generator isn’t meeting your needs, upgrading has never been easier. As questions surrounding fossil fuels increase, it’s important that your company’s backup generator be operating at peak efficiency. Maybe it’s time to look at a reliable, state-of-the art, fuel-efcient diesel unit. Or maybe changing from diesel to natural gas makes more sense. And it’s possible your company’s needs now require one or more efcient mobile generators.

Critical Power has a good selection of new or refurbished diesel, natural gas and mobile generators available now! One of our experienced generator consultants can look at your existing backup unit … we may be able to give you a trade-in estimate to fit your budget. We can handle everything from picking up your trade-in, determining the right replacement, and professionally installing it … anywhere in the United States and Canada.

As the country’s fuel needs and availabilities change, Critical Power can help you change with them. Upgrading your generator to a more efficient model, or changing the fuel source entirely might make good financial sense, saving your company tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Call Critical Power for a professional evaluation of your current backup power situation. We’re happy to provide you with estimates over the phone or come to your site for a full inspection.

Critical Power Is Veteran–Owned and Proud Of It!!

Call to talk with one of our generator professionals today, at 855-968-0176.

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