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Everyone gets stressed nowadays, even your data center equipment. We live in a digitally driven world, and that data needs to be stored somewhere. Think about it, we’ve created more data in the past Rve years than we have since the creation of computer software. However, increased data growth means an increased impact on the data center equipment that houses and stores data.

Herre are some ways to de-stress your data center equipment:

Know Your Sensitive Data Storing Policies

There are some files that need to be kept indefinitely, like hospital records and school transcripts. But there’s some data that has a “shelf life” so-to-speak. Know your company’s policy, state policies, and federal policies, so you know how long certain data needs to be kept. This can help free up plenty of space.

Identify And Migrate Old Data

Even critical, sensitive files loose immediate relevance. Although they shouldn’t or can’t be discarded, they can be securely migrated to secondary storage drives and areas that won’t strain your equipment. This helps you to remain compliant with regulations and policies while taking the stress off of your hardware.

Take Out The Trash Files

Trash files are anything from non-sensitive, non-business-related files to duplicates of files, such as photos, documents, and videos that can be securely discarded. You’d be surprised how much these files can pile up and they can put quite a strain on your data center equipment.

Update With High-Density Enclosures And Drives

We’ve been talking about how we can virtually take the strain off your data center equipment, but here’s a physical solution to help create more space. Installing and using high-density enclosures and drives will organize your data center equipment and create more physical space. This will allow you to access more space, which will even out the load and take the stress off of your existing equipment.

For More Stress Relief Tips,, Contact Critical Power

Critical Power Products And Services has the data center equipment solutions you need. We also have the know-how and experience to help you reconfigure or relocate your data center to maximize efficiency without overstressing your equipment.

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