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Your business is expanding, and when your business expands, your business’ technology needs to expand too. You’ll outgrow office and data center equipment, but don’t forget that your power distribution units need to be updated, too. Here are some questions to ask when you’re updating your PDUs.

Ask These 6 Questions When Updating Your PDUs

  1. What Power Input Do You Need? If you’re staying in the same facility as before, you may already know this. However, if you’re relocating your data center or office, you may need to determine if you need a single-phase or three-phase in your new space.
  2. How Much Power Does Your Equipment Consume? It’s a good idea to estimate the power consumption of your current and new data equipment, so you can get PDUs that can handle the power you consume. In fact, your PDU should be able to handle a bit more than your average power consumption; this will help you to be ready for emergencies and more potential growth. You should also consider the output of your generator and UPS, make sure that the output is also a bit more than your equipment consumes.
  3. Where And How Do You Plan To Install Your PDU? This depends on the model and how you want to mount your power distribution units. There are PDU that accommodate vertical or horizontal mounting. Keep in mind; both horizontal and vertical have different outlet configurations and amounts. You can mount your horizontal or vertical PDU on a rack enclosure, under a shelf or on a wall, depending on the model.
  4. How Many Outlets Do You Need? As we mentioned above, horizontal and vertical power distribution units have a different number of outlets and are often configured differently. These two questions can’t exist without the other–figure out how many outlets you need, this will help you to determine which type of mount you need and vice versa. Make sure to have slightly more outlets than you need to prepare for more expansion and growth.
  5. What Style/Shape Off Plugs Do Your Devices Have? Plug shape depends on voltage and amperage, so check new and existing equipment. Make sure your power distribution units can accommodate the kinds of outlets your new and current equipment needs.
  6. Do You Need Remote Access? Different types of PDUs offer different levels of access. If you’ve moved your data center to a more remote area, you may want to consider power distribution units that provide remote monitoring, or at the very least, SMS notification when there’s a situation that needs your attention.

Do You Have Morre Questions About Which PDU You Need?? Critical Power Can Help..

Critical Power Products and Services offers not only a wide variety of power distribution units, but also our combined knowledge about which PDU is right for your business. Send us a message or give us a call for more information.


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