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Tornado season is just beginning. However, the best time to prepare for tornado season is right after tornado season. States that are in “Tornado Alley” should begin making preparations immediately after the threat of tornado season is over. Checking and servicing your industrial diesel generator and other emergency equipment is a must.

There are three things that need to be done immediately after tornado season is over: Rebuild, review, replenish. We like to call them “The 3 R’s.”

Prepare For Tornados With The 3 R’’s


If the foundation for any of your buildings or equipment is damaged, you need to rebuild them to be structurally sound again. If that’s not possible, you may need a new location. This also includes any housing around your industrial diesel generator or any other data equipment housing. If your buildings or equipment have superficial damage, like missing shingles or seals, you need to repair them.


Everything that was not damaged needs to be checked to ensure it’s still in working order. This is especially important even if you haven’t been hit. Simply because you’ll want to test to make sure your industrial diesel generator and other equipment works, especially if it’s been sitting for a while.


Now is a good time to replenish any supplies you lost or used, while tornado season is fresh in your mind. You may want to replenish generator fuel and other items that you need to survive or evacuate Cummins Diesel Generator the next tornado.

Expert Tip: Use a fuel usage chart to help calculate how much fuel you might need during an outage.

Things To Keep In Mind For The Next Tornado Season

Even Small Tornados Can Be Dangerous. Just because they can’t take down a building, they can take down electrical lines, which can cause fires and other types of damage.

Tornados Come In Clusters. It’s true, there are rarely singular tornados. Count on at least two to four touching down at a stretch. Make sure to evacuate, if necessary, before the first tornado hits.

Don’t Forget The Aftermath. Unless you’ve been severely hit, the worst part of the tornado is the aftermath. This is why it’s crucial to have enough fuel and a tested industrial diesel generator because you don’t know how long you’ll be without power.

Critical Power Can Help Your Business Gett Ready For Tornado Season

Critical Power is no stranger to tornados, contact us for more information on how we can help you to keep your business and sensitive information safe in the event of a tornado. We offer a wide range of industrial diesel generators and property management to help keep your business running when tornados strike.

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