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Application: Prime & Standby Power Generation

Basic Catalyst & Housing

  • Stainless Steel DOC (15 Gram Pt Loading)
  • CRT Filter (Aluminum Titanate / 200 CPSI)
  • Stainless Steel Housing (Grade 304)
  • Total Pressure Drop 2‐5 kPa (.59 – 1.47 inHg)
  • Available in Inline & Muffler Configurations

Effectiveness in Reducing Exhaust Emissions

  • CO (carbon monoxide) up to 99%
  • HC (hydrocarbons) up to 90%
  • DPM (diesel particulate matter) up to 95‐99%


Designed to be maintenance free when installed on a regularly maintained diesel engine. Our CRT catalyst will regenerate and clean itself automatically when exposed to exhaust temperatures between 250° C (482° F) and 400° C (752° F) for a minimum of 40% of duty cycle. CRT Catalyst doesn’t require removal to clean and no re-calibration is required.

Lifespan of CRT Catalyst

Stationary Applications (Standby) – 12 to 15 years (500 hours annually)
Stationary Applications (Prime) – 5 to 7 years (1500 hours annually)

Operating Conditions for Successful CRT Performance

Exhaust temperature must be minimum 200° C (392° F). Designed for use with all grades of diesel fuel (ULSD, LSD, High Sulphur Content, Bio Diesel).

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