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Application: Prime & Standby Power Generation

Basic Catalyst & Housing

  • Stainless Steel Catalyst Core (15 Gram Pt Loading)
  • Stainless Steel Housing (Grade 304, 14 Gauge)
  • Maximum Pressure Drop of < 2” H2O
  • Available in Inline, Muffler and QuickCat Configurations

Effectiveness in Reducing Exhaust Emissions

  • CO (carbon monoxide) up to 99%
  • HC (hydrocarbons) up to 90%
  • DPM (diesel particulate matter) up to 88%
  • NOx (oxides of nitrogen) up to 30%

Basic Catalyst & Housing

  • Stationary Applications (Standby) ‐ 15 years (500 hours annually)
  • Stationary Applications (Prime) ‐ 5 years (1500 hours annually)

Lifespan of Catalyst

Designed to be maintenance‐free when installed on a regularly maintained engine. If maintenance is required simply remove catalyst and blow out in opposite direction of exhaust flow with high pressure water or air.

Operating Conditions for Successful Catalyst Performance

Exhaust temperature must be at least 250° C (482° F) and not exceed 750° C (1382° F).

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