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Stationary Engine Catalytic Converters

Standard # 1917.24(a)

Exposure limits. The carbon monoxide (CO) content of the atmosphere in a room, building, vehicle, railcar or any enclosed space shall be maintained at not more than 50 parts per million (ppm) (0.005%) as an eight hour average area level and employees shall be removed from the enclosed space if the carbon monoxide concentration exceeds a ceiling of 100 ppm (0.01%).

Clean Emissions Source Testing Status:

Both the Oxidation Catalyst and NSCR (3‐Way) Catalyst coatings have been source tested by recognized labs and US government Agencies and found to meet and/or exceed the CO indoor reduction standards. Copies of all source testing is available upon request from Clean Emissions Products Inc.

Catalyst Reaction on CI (diesel) Exhaust Catalyst Reaction on SI (Fuel Rich Burn) Exhaust

CO = 99% Reduction

CO = 99% Reduction

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