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Critical Power Products & Services LLC provides complete equipment removal and disposal of data center and mission critical equipment. We have assisted hundreds of customers with the removal and disposal of outdated or obsolete equipment within their facilities.

Whatever the project may be, CPP&S can provide turn-key solutions for the most complex environmental projects. Our specialized teams of uninstallers and riggers can conduct a facility walk-through to help decipher the best way to remove your unneeded equipment. They create a plan and review it with you to help prepare for the de-installment of the assets. These kinds of “site surveys” are very important, as they insure that all precautions are taken into consideration to assure safe and secure conditions during the duration of the project.

Equipment Removal

What kind of project are you looking into? Our skilled equipment removal teams have acquired the knowledge that is needed when working with UPS systems, power distribution units, raised flooring, industrial air conditioning units, chillers and cooling towers, backup generators, electric transformers and fire suppression systems. From start to finish, our power equipment disposal team will handle the electrical disconnection, properly remove, transport and dispose of any unwanted equipment. We have built careers from routinely performing equipment removal and disposal of a wide range of equipment.

With the Buy Back Program, Critical Power Products & Services can provide not only the best equipment removal service, but the most cost effective saving solutions for your projects, whether large or small.

Critical Power Products & Services has assisted some of the largest corporations turn old, inoperative and residual equipment into liquid assets. If you’re considering a system upgrade or replacement, consider utilizing your existing hardware as a trade-in or simply convert it to cash to help off-set the purchase of new.

Critical Power Products & Services offers current market value for most popular Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS’s), Power Distributions Units (PDU’s), air conditioners, natural gas and diesel generators, raised access floor, electric power oil transformers and fire suppression equipment.

Data Center Asset Recovery

We feel strongly that recycling is responsible as well as practical. Should CPP&S purchase equipment and find it is not re-usable, we will dispose of it responsibly.

As a premier Asset and Recycling company for the data center industry, CPP&S is a leader in assisting clients large and small with all aspects of backup power and environmental equipment removal. CPP&S will make your data center asset recovery a one call solution with the service and expertise to handle a complete data center de-install or a single unit removal. Safe Recovery, Timely Response, Project Management … CPP&S can handle it.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

As with any hazardous waste; batteries, oils, e-waste, toxic metals etc. Critical Power Products & Services takes the upmost care in making sure that these wastes are disposed of correctly. When possible we even recommend to customers purchasing equipment to buy less toxic and reusable products to reduce the amount of potentially hazardous wastes needing disposal. We do not ship discarded electronics and hazardous materials to developing countries for processing as it saves on greenhouse gas emissions and helps protect workers as well as the environment. Critical Power Products & Services works nationally with regional recyclers, smelters and re-sellers that use responsible recycling techniques to ensure that these wastes are disposed of correctly.

As a responsible recycler ourselves; we do not want to see our rivers lakes and streams polluted and unfit for drinking, swimming and supporting wildlife. Critical Power Products & Services will provide you with a Certificate of Recycle ensuring you that your waste was disposed of correctly and that none of the product purchased was improperly disposed of. From removal off site through the recycle/re-use process, the equipment will be handled and transported as to local codes to ensure environmental and public safety.

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