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Critical Power Products & Services is your single point of contact for fire suppression system chemical disposal and recycling, including Halon and FM200 disposal.

We are licensed to safely remove these chemicals from your facility and arrange for their disposal and/or recycling in accordance with current EPA guidelines. Our trained technicians can remove empty cylinders as well as those that still contain the fire suppression chemicals.

We provide you with a Certificate of Recycle providing you with assurance that your waste was disposed of correctly and in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. We also provide documentation for Green Initiative credits, if requested.

Disposal methods will vary depending on the type of fire suppression chemical, the age of the equipment, the exposure, and other factors. Regardless of what type of chemical system you currently have, Critical Power Products & Services has a team of experts whom have acquired the knowledge needed to properly dispose and recycle these chemical agents in a cost-effective manner.

Contact us for Halon and FM200 recycling and disposal at (855) 968-0176.

Halon Fire Suppression

Halon is a very effective fire and explosion suppression agent. It does not conduct electricity, is non-volatile, non-corrosive, leaves no residue behind, and works in clear form. These features make Halon extremely valuable for certain applications.

Halon disposal requires special technician training and very specific disposal methods. Proper disposal requires technicians to send the Halon-containing equipment to facilities operating in accordance with NFPA 10 and NFPA 12 standards for recovery, recycling, and final disposal.

The EPA governs Halon collection and disposal to maximize recovery and recycling of the gas and reduce the chances of Halon emissions being released into the atmosphere. Halon is a chloro-fluorocarbon (CFC) and, as such, plays a role in the breakdown of the ozone layer. Halon is an incredibly effective fire suppression chemical, but use to its status as a CFC it is no longer being made. However, Halon can be sourced through fire suppression system chemical recycling and brought up to new compliance standards.

FM200 Fire Suppression

FM200 is considered a Clean Agent fire suppression system and is commonly found in facility-wide sprinkler systems worldwide. It is also used in traditional cylinders as an alternative to Halon. The chemical composition of FM200 means it does not leave behind an oily residue, particulates, or water, which is why it remains such a popular fire suppression chemical.

FM200 disposal is not as strictly governed as Halon recycling and disposal since FM200 is not an ozone-depleting chemical, but removal by trained technicians is still recommended. Full cylinders are under extreme pressure and require removal to a facility that can safely process them and remove the chemical. Empty cylinders should be checked to make sure they really are empty and the shells recycled.

Critical Power Products & Services Offers Cost Effective Fire Suppression System Chemical Disposal

If you have old, empty, or unneeded cylinders lying around your facility, contact Critical Power Products & Services. Our fire suppression chemical disposal and recycling services will save you time and money and ensure your chemicals are disposed of safely.

Call (855) 968-0176 for a custom quote today!

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