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Fuel Filtration and Maintenance to ISO 18/16/13

  • With Lifetime Stainless Steel housing.
  • HMI/PLC Touch Screen Controller or Digital Timer.
  • Filtration to 1 Micron and Water Removal to Less than 100 PPM (parts per million).
  • Low Cost of Operation.

A Stand-alone system that vacuums fluid from the storage tank bottom, removes water and solid contaminates then returns the clean dry fuel back to the tank. For use on above ground fuel storage tanks, day and generator sub-base tanks, marine, truck and fleet fueling facilities. This System maintains a condition to engine manufacturer’s recommended cleanliness levels of ISO particle code of 18/16/13 in up to four diesel fuel tanks with a capacity of up to 10,000 gallons. Fueltec’s Systems have a low operating cost and do not require harsh chemicals, solvents, or back flushing.

PLC/HMI Touch Screen Controller or Digital Timer:

  • Underwriters Laboratory 508A Listed
  • Automatically stops the fuel pump for high separator water, filter change required or system fluid leak.
  • Controller will operate the system on one or two fuel tanks.

Filter changes are fast and easy:

  • Just loosen quick action swing bolts on the stainless steel housing cover.
  • The first phase of filtration is done with 10 micron Filter Media.
  • Second phase Micro-Glass (jet fuel type) Coalescer removes tiny water droplets of free and emulsified water from fuels by causing the droplets to grow larger until contained in a water trap. The third phase utilizes a water repellant Teflon screen to keep the water from flowing with the fuel.
  • An optional forth phase spin-on 3 micron filter may be added if required.

Fuel Pump:

  • Industrial positive displacement gear pump rated at 240 gallons per hour, 100% duty cycle.
  • 115/230 Volt 50/60Hz 1PH Motor


  • An analog vacuum sensor sends the controller real time filter condition information.
  • The stainless steel water trap is equipped with a water sensor that will sound an alarm and shut the system down when full of water.

System Enclosure: System components are housed in an aluminum rain tight enclosure with a lockable door. Enclosure sump is equipped with fluid leak alarm that shuts down the system if a leak should occur.

System Options: Installation kits for aboveground and underground tanks with stainless fluid pickup tubes and tank entry flanges and fittings. Heated enclosures and accessories for installation in freezing locations. Valve towers that are plumbed and pre-wired for easy installation of fluid control and anti-siphon valves.

Sizing Your Fuel Polishing System: Water and most fuel contaminants are heavier than fuel and will settle in a lower phase on the tank bottom. Contrary to some beliefs; Testing has proven that this lower phase may only be 10-25% of the tanks content. The upper phase of 75-90%; if left un-disturbed will remain clean and relatively dry. Therefore a properly designed system will remove this bottom phase of water and contaminates without mixing with the clean upper phase fuel. The 1025SS-UL is a 240 GPH system.

Example “A”: One 10,000 gal. tank containing a total of 7,200 gal. of product. To filter and remove water from 25% 0f 7,200 gal. = 1,800 gal. Operating 7.5 hours per day will circulate and remove contaminates from 1,800 gal. in one day.

Example “B”: one (1) 5,000 gal. tank containing a total of 4,000 gal. of product. To polish 25% of 4,000 gal. = 1,000 gal. Operating 4.2 hours per day will circulate and remove contaminates in 1,000 gal. in one day.

Example “C”: One (1) 1,000 gal. tank containing a total of 900 gal. of product. To polish 25% of 900 gal. = 225 gal. Operating less than one hour per day will circulate and remove contaminates in 225 gallons of fuel.

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