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Automatic 4 GPM Fuel Polishing System with Pre-Filter

  • 1) Design: One diesel storage tank system up to 10,000 gallons

    Complete factory-assembled automatic particulate filtration, water separation and removal system to maintain the purity of No. 2 fuel oil held in extended storage. The system shall circulate the oil from the storage tank, through the system, removing water and particulate matter, then returning the clean dry fuel back to the storage tank.

    The System shall exceed diesel engine manufacturer’s cleanliness target of
    ISO 18/16/13.

    The system shall separate free and emulsified water from diesel fuel with a military type micro-glass coalescer/filter and hydrophobic water separator within a stainless steel top loading housing. Water absorbing filter media is not required.

    System shall have a touch screen HMI and PLC controller that schedules system operation with alarms and sensors that automatically indicate filter conditions, presents of water in trap, and fluid leak. System includes Modbus networking kit.

    Industrial electric control panel shall be Underwriters Laboratory 508A and CE Listed

  • 2) The filtration system shall consist of but not limited to the following components:
    • a) Welded rain tight aluminum equipment enclosure 42x14x36 mounted to an optional 6x6aluminum post
    • b) Five stage filtration and water removal
      • i) First stage pre-filter one to five micron 4” Dia. X 8” long bag filter within a stainlesssteel housing.
      • ii) Second, third, and forth stage filter/coalescer within a stainless steel housing:
        • a. treated cellulose
        • b. micro-glass
        • c. hydrophilic cloth wrap.
  • iii) Fifth stage water separator Teflon coated stainless steel
  • c) Fuel circulation pump bronze 4 GPM w/pressure relief 115/230V 1PH 50/60Hz
  • d) Stainless steel separated water trap one gallon capacity w bottom drain valve
  • e) Valves: supply and return valves shall be 1” ball valves, drain ½” ball valve
  • f) Sensors:
  • i) Vacuum sensor transmits condition of first stage filter to HMI/PLC
  • ii) Pressure sensor transmits condition of filter/coalesce to HMI/PLC
  • iii) Water sensor transmits high & low water levels in water trap
  • g) Electrical:
    • i) Industrial Control Panel Underwriters Laboratory UL-508A and CE listed
    • ii) Power required: 115AC 1PH 50/60 Hz 20A
    • iii) Enclosure NEMA 4X
    • iv) Voltage: high 115AC, low 24DC
  • h) Controller: HMI/PLC touch screen
    • i) Programmable: date, time, tank selection, run time
    • ii) Display:
      • (1) Low water in trap
      • (2) Vacuum at primary filter (filter change instructions)
      • (3) Pressure at final filter (filter change instructions)
      • (4) High water in trap (drain separated water)
      • (5) System on
      • (6) Tank selected for filtration
      • (7) Day selected for filtration
      • (8) Run time selected for filtration
      • (9) Time of day
  • iii) Alarms:
    • (1) High water in trap
    • (2) High vacuum (service primary filter)
    • (3) High pressure (service final filters)
    • (4) Fluid in system sump
    • (5) No fluid flow

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