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For Fuel Storage Up To 250,000 Gallons (946,000 liters)

Overview Model CF4.0-PLC:

  • The Model 4.0-PLC is a fuel oil filtra-tion and maintenance system thatautomatically removes water anddebris to prevent bacterial growthand unexpected engine shut down.
  • A stand alone system that can beused on diesel fuel storage tanks withcapacities to 10,000 gallons.
  • In operation the system vacuumsfluid from the storage tank bottom,removes water and contaminatesthen returns the clean dry fuel backto the tank.
  • This fuel oil filtration systemmaintains a condition exceeding theengine manufacturer’srecommended cleanliness levels ofISO particle code 18/16/13.
  • For use on aboveground fuel storagetanks, day and sub-base tanks,marine, and fleet fueling facilities.

PLC/HMI Touch Screen Controller:

  • Controller will set filtration cycle time.
  • High separator water alarm.
  • Change primary filter alarm.
  • Change secondary filter alarm.
  • Fluid leak alarm.
  • System operating.
  • Underwriters Laboratory 508A Listed.
  • Modbus installed.
  • Optional: GSM/GPRS reporting.

Fuel Pump:

Industrial bronze positive displacement gear pump rated at four gallons per minute, 100% duty cycle.Self priming pump lifts 16 feet and features a 115/230 Volt 60Hz 1PH Motor

Stainless Fuel/Water Separator:

First phase 1-5 micron bag type filter in a stainless housing.Second phase Micro-Glass (jet fuel type) Coalescer removes tiny water droplets of free and emulsified water from fuels by causing the droplets to grow larger until contained in a water trap.The third phase utilizes a water repellant Teflon screen to keep the water from flow-ing with the fuel.The water is removed to less than 50 parts per million as recommended by engine manufacturers.This process does not require the use of costly water absorbing (water blocking) filters or back-flushing the system

Aluminum System Enclosure:

36” wide x 42” high x 14” deep

System Options:

  • Mounting post 6x6x72 with base
  • Heated filter housings
  • Installation kits
  • Telescopic fuel pickup

Sizing Your Fuel Filtration System

Water and most fuel contaminants are heavier than fuel and will settle in a lower phase on the tank bottom.

Contrary to some beliefs; Testing has proven that this lower phase may only be 5-10% of the tanks content.

The upper phase of 90-95%; if left un-disturbed will remain clean and relatively dry.

Therefore a properly designed system will remove this bottom phase of water and contaminates without mixing with the clean upper phase fuel.

The 4.0-PLC is a 240 GPH system.

Example “A”: One (1) 10,000 gal. tank containing a total of 7,200 gal. of product.

To filter and remove water from 25% of 7,200 gal. = 1,800 gal.

Operating 7.5 hours per day will circulate and remove contaminates from 1,800 gal. in one day.

Example “B”: One (1) 5,000 gal. tanks containing a total of 4,000 gal. of product.

To filter and remove water from 25% of 4,000 gal. = 1,000 gal.

Operating 4.2 hours per day will circulate and remove contaminates in 1,000 gal. in one day.

Example “C”: One (1) 1,000 gal. tank containing a total of 900 gal. of product.

To filter and remove water from 25% of 900 gal. = 225 gal.

Operating less than one hour per day will circulate and remove contaminates in 225 gal.


  • Maximum Fuel Tanks Served: One AST
  • Maximum lift: 16 feet
  • Working pressure fuel: max. 40 PSI
  • Maximum Flow rate: 240 Gallons per hour *
  • Water Trap: standard
  • Width: 36” Depth: 14” Overall Height 42”
  • Pump: Cast bronze, Gear, 4GPM, 115/230V 50/60Hz
  • Inlets/Outlets: 1”
  • Vacuum Gauge: Analog HMI
  • Primary Filter: 10 micron
  • Water Coalescer: Micro-glass (Mil-type)
  • Water Separator: Perforated metal/Teflon
  • Pressure Gauges: Analog HMI


  • High water in separator
  • Primary filter change required
  • Fluid in sump
  • System off


  • Heated Housingsf
  • Installation Kits with drop pipe, tank flanges, flexible ortelescopic pickup tubes.
  • GSM Modems for fuel condition reporting

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