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Critical Power offers a full line of property management services to keep your bottom line in the black and your property free of unused equipment. Our services include buyback of old, outdated, or unused data center and mission critical equipment, as well as equipment removal.

What We Collect:

Save Time And Money With Our Equipment And Property Management Services

Our services save our clients time and money. Whether it is time-saved researching new equipment, trying to get rid of old equipment, or recouping some of your initial costs by selling your used equipment to us, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our services include:

  1.   Equipment Buyback Program. We will buy your old, unused equipment. You’ll enjoy accelerated recapitalization of your non-performing assets and can use the money to offset project costs. Receive 50% of your payment when we agree to buy your equipment and 50% after receipt and verification of the equipment.
  2.   Turnkey Project Management. Leave the details to us. We provide turnkey project management experience in equipment removal. Tell us what needs to go and we’ll handle the rest including site surveys, logistics, and safe removal and handling.
  3.   Equipment Sourcing. Need to find replacements for your old equipment? Save time and let us handle the equipment sourcing for you! We source high-quality pre-owned equipment so you’ll save money over new purchases too.
  4.   Budget Planning. If you’re not sure what this is all going to cost we can help there too. We will provide you with:
    • a full valuation of your old, decommissioned equipment,
    • cost effective solutions for new equipment,
    • purchase options that include high-quality used equipment that is 40-60% off MSRP.
  5.   Green Initiative Documentation. Get recognized for recycling! We document every piece captured for “Green Initiative” credits.
  6.   Disposal Of Hazardous Waste Materials. We can even handle and remove hazardous waste materials for you. Batteries, oils, e-waste, toxic metals, etc. will be removed from your site, properly collected, and safely disposed of, or recycled. When applicable, you’ll receive a Certificate of Recycle ensuring you that your waste was disposed of correctly and that none of the products purchased was improperly disposed of. To make it easier on you next time, we can even recommend replacement equipment that is less toxic and/or more reusable or recyclable.

Contact Us For A Quote

If you have equipment that is gathering dust and want to clear space or recoup some of the original purchase cost, contact Critical Power Products & Services at (855) 968-0176. We’ll give you a personalized quote for purchase and removal so you can start.

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