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Critical Power Products & Services provides on-site refrigerant recovery and A/C refrigerant reclaim services for businesses in many different types of industries, including the HVAC, demolition, and refrigeration industries. We work on projects of all sizes from cylinder recovery and chiller evacuation to site-wide reclamation and recovery.

CPP&S works only with EPA certified refrigerant re-claimers so we can provide you with the proper EPA documentation to ensure your business meets the EPA requirements. These technicians are trained in the proper collection, transport, and disposal methods, ensuring no coolant is released into the atmosphere or the waste stream.

Upon completion of our service, we provide you with a Certificate of Recycle and documentation for Green Initiative credits. These certificates provide assurance to you that your refrigerant was disposed of safely and in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.

Gases and Chemicals We Collect

Critical Power Products & Services can handle all types of refrigerant recovery projects including the following gases and chemicals:

  • R-22
  • R-12
  • R-11
  • R-113
  • R-123
  • R-114
  • 410a
  • 404a
  • 407c
  • R-500
  • R-502
  • R-507
  • 134a

The Collection Process

Once you have contacted us for refrigerant recovery, we will discuss the size and scope of your needs and schedule a service call. In many cases we can get a tech out to you within 24 hours.

On the day of the service, a technician will arrive at your site. Upon arrival, the refrigerant will be tested and you will be informed of any unusual results, such as mixed refrigerant. The refrigerant will then be safely evacuated with specialized recovery equipment.

Once the refrigerant has been removed, you’ll receive your documentation, which includes: the service record, cylinder size, serial number, refrigerant type, and gross refrigerant weight as well as EPA documentation stating that the material was recovered in accordance with federal guidelines. We handle the EPA reporting requirements for you.

Prohibition on Venting

Refrigerant venting, or letting the coolant escape into the atmosphere, is a violation of the EPA’s Refrigerant Recycling Rule. The Agency is increasingly conducting random compliance audits and has fined and even jailed offenders.

This makes it extremely important to hire an A/C refrigerant recovery service that employs only trained technicians. These skilled technicians know how to evacuate A/C and refrigeration units to appropriate vacuum levels based on the age of the equipment to ensure no leakage occurs.

EPA Certified Refrigerant Re-Claimers

Critical Power Products & Services’s EPA Certified re-claimers have been evaluated and their collection equipment tested by the EPA to ensure that it meets EPA requirements. Requirements cover the collection, storage and transport of the refrigerant as well as recovery efficiency standards. These efficiency standards vary depending on the type and size of the air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment being serviced.

Contact Us for a Quote

At Critical Power Products & Services we make it easy for you to dispose of your unwanted refrigerant. One call is all it takes to arrange for EPA-certified refrigerant reclaim and recovery. Contact Critical Power Products & Services at (855) 968-0176 for a personalized quote today!

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