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Critical Power Products & Services is the perfect one-stop spot for all your transformer recycling projects. CPP&S will uninstall, purchase and remove your surplus and used transformers. Oil filled, Dry Type, Pole Mount, Pad Mount and Substation units can all be recovered by CPP&S’ transformer recycling experts.

CPP&S has built a knowledgeable team of skilled workers who can help you remove your unwanted assets. The staff members have years of expertise in transformer recycling and disposal and will gladly do the hard work for you. They can come out and take a look at your used or unwanted transformers and decipher the best method of recycling the equipment. They guarantee to provide service that is environmentally safe to ensure all surround areas are unharmed in the process.

Call CPP&S to have a team member uninstall and remove your surplus and used transformers and we will even pay you for it! CPP&S’ team moves to better the community by purchasing unwanted assets, refurnishing the equipment and selling them back to the community members who need reliable and affordable products. This is a well-oiled process that demonstrates CPP&S’ expertise and passion to helping others.

CPP&S offers decommission services on large equipment recycling projects.

  • Onsite Transformer tear-down and recycling
  • Oil recycling
  • Handling transformers from 1kva to 1000mva
  • Environmentally sensitive and safe
  • Purchase and sale of surplus assets including transformers

You could be saving hundreds of dollars by choosing the reliable and productive service of CPP&S’ equipment recycling team members. What are you waiting for? Call or stop by today!

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