Are you prepared for the winter storms? Generators provide back-up power and peace of mind.

equip-misc-01“Success depends on previous preparation.” – Confucius

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The winter season has begun for those of us in North America. Winter storms can create a plethora of electrical power supply related issues. When a region is blacked out, residential neighborhoods experience set backs to their daily lives, while on the business front, the effects can be financially and physically devastating.

Winter Storms, Ice Storms, Wind Storms and Blizzards

Winter storms, ice storms, wind storms, and blizzards are annual occurrences in North America, depending on the region.

New York experienced an ice storm in 2008 that BBC dubbed as “one of the worst storms in the decade. Over a million homes, including several businesses were thrown into darkness. In January 2009, the Huffington Post reported 40 deaths in the Mid-Western states due to a winter storm.

Be prepared with back-up power generators.

When it comes to storms and natural disasters, power from the grid is usually the first thing to go. Making sure you have a ready, on-site generator is really the only way to prepare for whatever the winter season brings and ensures your company keeps operating in times of an emergency.

Generators come in a range of sizes and typically use diesel, natural gas, or gasoline as fuel sources. One of your expert sales consultants can advise you of the right size and power voltage for your need.

Every year, millions of lives are affected by winter storms. And while we can’t prevent the weather, we can prepare for it. Equip your business for the season and ensure your own peace of mind.

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