equip-misc-01Critical Power Promotes Going Green: The Benefits of Used Over New

Similar to buying a car, when in the market for a generator or engine, the decision must be made as to whether to buy used or new. And similarly to buying a car, there are pros and cons to both. Fortunately, there is a wide range of both used and new generators and engines available to potential buyers.

New Generators

The number one reason for purchasing a new car is the fact that it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. They typically run the length of one to two years, but the cost is substantial.

In addition, depending on the size, make, and manufacturer, there could be a long waiting list for the desired generator.

Used Generators

A used generator with low hours on the engine can come at a very attractive price – sometimes up to 50% or more off the price of a brand new generator.

Another key benefit to purchasing a used generator is that they are readily available. There is no factory lead time, so generators can be purchased and installed very quickly – sometimes you can buy it and have it shipped immediately.

Often, you can find a used generator that was only used for emergency backup or standby power and so the hours used are very, very low, offering a long-life ahead of them. Furthermore, generators are built to last and work whenever necessary.

The disadvantage comes in the fact that it was used and owned by someone else, so you depend on someone else’s word as to the usage, history, and condition of the machine. Still, there is a plethora of reputable manufacturer’s who have technical expertise and infrastructure to properly test used generators for their future strength and power ability.

Critical Power has been your number one source for used diesel generators since 1993. with their reputation preceding them, they eliminate the risk found when buying with smaller, obscure companies.

Critical Power also supplies surplus generators which have been bought previously but have no hours on them. Contact one of our project managers to discuss what generator option is best for you. Used Generators