CPP&S Equipment


Dealers vs. Brokers.

Occasionally, the image of our industry is tarnished by the poor business practices and poor ethics of a few individuals or firms whose brokers link buyers and sellers. These companies induce a high added cost while adding little, if any, value to a transaction. Critical Power Products & Services is not an equipment broker. ¬†Brokers, dislike dealers, often tie up customers’ equipment without payment for extended periods of time while attempting to secure other potential buyers. When a buyer is eventually found, often the broker uses false urgency to re-negotiate the terms originally anticipated by the seller. Too often, sellers have given up their equipment, but received no payment, and buyers have paid for, but never received, the equipment they purchased. Buyer and seller beware! CPP&S is different. Our secure financial resources allow us to buy the equipment outright, at the agreed to price, and, in most cases, pay for the equipment in full before we take possession of it. Not only does this provide a “clean” transaction, it gives our customer immediate and certain payment for their assets. Additionally, CPP&S often adds significant value by handling the details, including disconnection, removal and shipping.