equip-gen-01Why should businesses purchase a surplus or used diesel generators?
Losing power means losing money …

Buying used or surplus diesel generators as a safeguard against blackouts is a smart move – a type of insurance, really. Although there can be a big upfront cost, it can save your business hundreds of thousands in lost revenue to electrical power.

A general rule of thumb is the larger and more powerful the diesel generators are, the more expensive they are – running anywhere from $5,000 to over a million dollars. Taking the big picture into account, this is actually a small price to pay when compared to how much a commercial business loses when it loses power.

Large commercial and manufacturing industries

Are you an engineer of a construction site?

Large industries sustain our country’s economy and provide the essentials of energy and transportation. Many industries such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, mining, oil & gas, and farming that impact us on a daily basis require the use of large power equipment.

If an emergency arises and they are without power, thousands or millions of dollars could be lost, not to mention thousands or million of lives interrupted. Large, industrial diesel generators keep the lights on, the work going, and business happens as usual.

Critical Power has been servicing the construction industry since 1993, offering savings solutions, resource recovery, asset management, and project management and they know which type of equipment is the right fit for your project.


Are you the owner of a car dealership?

Within the car manufacturing industry there is always a hustle to meet deadlines, quotas, and deliveries on time; they simply cannot afford any amount of downtime. Backup power in the form of a diesel generator becomes more than just a good idea, it becomes a necessity when dealing with automobiles.

Hospitality Industry

Are you the manager of a hotel?

The reaches of the hospitality industry are unlimited, including hotels and resorts, comprising a multi- billion dollar business per year. In the case of a catastrophe and a business losing power, the business’ reputation is at stake if they fail to provide a comfortable experience for their guests.

Necessities such as lighting, water heating, telephones, and luxuries such as vending machines, laundry, and televisions are expected by guests. With the correct size of a commercial diesel generator, a guests’ stay can continue on comfortably regardless of a power outage.

Today’s Diesel Generation

We are privy to the most powerful used diesel generators than ever before. Regardless of your industry or company, there is a used generator model that can provide years of power backup for your power emergencies and Critical Power is your number one source. Inventory

Our experienced sales consultants will be able to advice you on the most reliable and relevant diesel generator for your need. With a diesel generator, you can keep your business in business – no matter the crisis.