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Critical Power Products & Services has a wide variety of used generators and surplus backup generators made by Caterpillar and many other quality name brand manufactures such as Cummins, Detroit and Kohler. From a 35kW standby propane unit to 2000kW prime industrial generators and larger, Critical Power Products & Services is your one call source for mission-critical power and generator needs. Our low hour used backup generators and surplus backup generators offer substantial cost savings for our clients.

CAT Generators

750kw CAT Generator OV2

Caterpillar in particular is distinguished above the rest for producing some of the markets most successful power generators and industrial engines around the globe today.

In 1890, Benjamin Holt began brainstorming, designing, creating and experimenting with a variety of different steam tractors used in the fields for farming purposes. He wanted to help workers increase productivity while at the same time reducing time and physical manpower for the farmers. In 1886, Benjamin built what was called the Link Belt Combined Harvester that was essentially a wooden tractor drawn by work horses.

Holt’s ideas grew off each other rapidly as he continued to brainstorm ways to help cut labor time and costs. By 1890, he built the first steam traction engine of many to come. This massive 45,000 pound machinery was capable of moving up to 50 pounds of product at about three miles per hour. For Holt, this was an incredible first step as his contraption cut production costs tremendously.

Holt successfully constructed his first track-laying steam tractor on Thanksgiving Day 1904. It is said that on that day, Holt’s company photographer made a comment that the tractor appeared to be crawling across the harvest fields like a caterpillar. In 1910, Holt filed the “Caterpillar” as a Holt Manufacturing Company Trademark. Since then, Caterpillar, which has been shortened to CAT, stuck.

Two years later Holt created a similar track-laying tractor that ran on gasoline. Holt’s Model 75 was the most popular gas powered tractor of that time, which weighed 24,000 pounds and had a 75 horse power engine installed.

His brilliant ideas were flourishing and his power tools quickly grew in popularity and also grew in demand. His machinery was requested by the Allied troops during the First World War to haul supplies and artillery in replace of tiring horses.

Although Benjamin Holt passed away on Dec. 5, 1920, he left behind a flourishing company to his children and grandchildren. In 1925, Holt Manufacturing and the C.L. Best Tractor Co. merged together to officially form the Caterpillar Tractor Co.

Suggestions and ideas continued to brew by the company’s design team and by 1940 the production line now included much more than just tractors. Rolling off the production lines were motor graders, blade graders, elevating graders, terracers and electrical generating sets. Caterpillar Co. continued to diversify the products available to meet the widening variety of customer needs. They now offer over 300 different products and they are continuously brainstorming creative ideas for the future. Additionally, the company has established a separate sales and marketing division specifically to manage the growing demand for diesel engines. Today, nearly one-third of the company’s total sales and revenues are brought in by the CAT engines sales accounts.

Furthermore, Caterpillar generators quickly grew to be a vital piece of the company. The CAT brand had the largest range of gen set specifications available to the public from its time of production extending to today’s current market. CAT gas generator sets are increasingly used in commercial facilities such as resorts, shopping malls, schools, data centers, hospitals and large office buildings. These generator sets can simultaneously provide electricity and heat energy for facilities lasting for hours before any maintenance is required. In 2003, CAT provided the majority of power support to the United States during the largest power outages in U.S. history to date. According to their website, more than 300 backup generators and two megawatt trailer units were trucked to cities such as New York, Cleveland and Detroit to get them up and running again. Thanks to CAT generators, even the trading on Wall Street was uninterrupted during this blackout.

As the Caterpillar Tractor Co. grew and expanded, the production house was picked up and planted in Illinois where it still is today. Additionally, in 1986, the company changed their name to simply Caterpillar Inc., a name which they decided was a more precise reflection on the company and production line. In 2006, Benjamin Holt, was recognized for his inventiveness and consumerist ideas and was officially added into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Two years later, Forbes Magazine acknowledged Caterpillar Inc. as the 133rd largest company in the world with a market value of $45 billion. With many years of rebranding, rebuilding and redesigning, the Caterpillar Inc. continues to produce brilliant inventory to match growing consumer needs.