Liebert Air Conditioning equipment is the standard of the industry for datacenter climate control. They are built to last reliably for many years of heavy use. The same can be said for Liebert, Powerware, APC, MGE and Mitsubishi uninterruptible power supplies, electronic switching equipment and raised access flooring from several fine manufacturers. CAT, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Kohler, Mitsubishi, SDMO and others build industrial quality diesel generators used in a number of mission-critical applications. Some typical generator uses include standby power, emergency commercial power backup, powering equipment, remote jobsite power, etc.

Pre Owned equipment becomes available for a variety of reasons such as changes in requirements, upgrades, facility closure, job completion and others. Many times this equipment has low hours, is in excellent condition and offers substantial savings over new. Savings of up to 50% are not unusual. The other key benefit is availability. New equipment can be expensive and therefore dealers usually have a limited stock on hand. Periodic natural disasters and other unexpected crises also apply pressure to available stocks. Most equipment generally requires special order. The lead-time for new can be three months, six months, up to a year. Provided the equipment has been properly maintained, which is typical of most mission-critical installations, the risk involved in buying used equipment is negligible.

Many dealers offer initial startup guarantee, optional extended warranties, and in the case of generators, optional load-testing as assurances to the buyer. At times, the balance of the original factory warranty may pass through to the new owner. It is important to buy from a reputable dealer that understands generators, the industry, has a verifiable and successful history in the industry and will stand behind the equipment they sell.

Surplus Equipment
Surplus means equipment that for one reason or another was never installed or brought online. It is essentially new. Surplus equipment can offer a particularly smart buy. Often this equipment is still in factory packaging, but is still usually priced well below that of a new unit.