Our large inventory of Liebert cooling equipment, as well as other brands, is constantly changing; contact our expert project manager team for assistance in selecting the most efficient cooling equipment for your specific needs, often at a cost savings of up to 40 percent compared to the price of purchasing this type of equipment new.

We buy and sell 60Hz and 50Hz Liebert air conditioners, both downflow and upflow designs. Typically, Liebert DS is offered in downflow models from 28-105kW (8-30 tons) capacities and upflow models in 28-105kW (8-30 tons) sizes. Additionally, we carry anywhere from two ton MiniMates to 30 ton deluxe system 3 units and larger!
Our water cooled racks help to efficiently transfer heat with water. Our Liebert Air-Cooled Fin/Tube Condensers are also available at 50 and 60hz.

We buy and sell used and surplus Liebert AC’s because of their reputation of reliability and their history as a quality manufacturer.


In 1965, the Liebert Corporation was founded by Ralph Liebert in of Columbus, Ohio. This brand would soon change the way companies in all sectors of business would stay cool. Liebert wanted to create the first specialized air conditioner with temperature and humidity control for data centers and computer applications. At the time of their launch, they were striving to become a world leader in environmental and power protection for mission-critical, computing, telecommunications and industrial applications, according to the Emerson Network website.

In 1978, Liebert added computer power protection to their services with the introduction of Datawave power conditioners, Precision Power Centers (PPC), and Power Distribution Units (PDU). Just three years later, the Liebert Corporation went public. They decided to sell stock to the general public on the NASDAQ stock exchange after creating an initial public offering.

By 1983, Liebert opened a plant across the sea in Ireland, called Cork, and thus entered into the next phase of the company. They acquired the Program Power Division (PPD) from Franklin Electric in Sunnyvale, California to enter the uninterruptible power supply market. With the newly acquired support teams, the corporation decided to open the Liebert Training Center in 1984 to continue developing their customer engineers. Today, these centers are available for any experienced HVAC technicians responsible for setup and repairs on MiniMate2 and DataMates. Additionally, all Factory Trained Technicians (FTT) are required to attend courses at this center regularly to maintain Liebert FTT recognition.

Liebert was acquired by Emerson Electric Co. of St. Louis, Missouri in 1987. Together, Liebert and Emerson’s Computer Power division were integrated to form the Electronics Business Unit. In 2008, Liebert Services President Frank Bibens celebrated the opening of an additional Training Center for employees and also for customers. According to a 2008 article on the Emerson Network website, classes include UPS, battery replacement, facility power audits, DC power, mission-critical cooling services, enterprise remote monitoring, professional assessment services and facility service management.

In 1998, Liebert took part in another monumental investment by acquiring Hiross, the leading European precision cooling manufacturer at that time, located in Tognana, Italy. By 2001 they opened a new subassembly plant there which was considered a phase three UPS manufacturing plant. This was a great success for the company.

Today, nearly 50 years after their introduction to the world, Liebert employs over 2,063 service field engineers and subcontractors to support the 17 manufacturing facilities across the globe. Additionally, Liebert has 578 technical support and response teams sustaining their 148 international service locations. Liebert’s area of expertise includes air conditioning power, infrastructure management and monitoring, precision cooling, racks and integrated solutions as well as technical support and service centers. Their design team blueprints ideas and creates all sorts of equipment, including surge suppressors, uninterruptable power supply (UPS) units, precision cooling equipment, enclosures and monitoring equipment that helps protect and support IT facilities.

Critical Power Products & Services is thrilled to carry these products in our inventory. We also have a refreshed list of products available as equipment comes and goes through our storage and inventory. We have plenty of used, surplus and discontinued products to look through. Our Liebert data center cooling systems provide efficient and reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow, just as they are produced to do so. Our integrated UPS’s provide backup power for broadband and FTTx networks.