equip-misc-01In our fast-paced world, losing power means losing connectivity to the rest of the globe, causing a disruption to mission-critical tasks. Lighting a candle is no longer a sufficient alternative. Current times call for back-up power that can keep large corporations operating in times of emergency.

Electrical Generators

Around the clock dependability on electricity makes suitable arrangements for backup power to combat power outages necessary. These experiences are easily handled by the use of electrical generators. Critical loads can still function on back-up power if the right size and voltage is put in place.

Electrical generators operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate energy from a source of mechanical energy. Generators can be put into two categories – portable and stationary. Contact one of expert sales consultants to find out which type of generator best suits your need.

Portable Generators

Providing a power output of 500W to 17.5W with a running time of 12 hours or less, these portable units work with stand-alone applications and temporarily power a few applications via external cords. These units are fueled by gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, propane, or natural gas, and most are air-cooled. Portable units need to be positioned so as to avail for maximum air ventilation, but must be protected from the weather so as to prevent rusting and corroding. Portable units are typically noisy during operation, as they don’t have provision for sound insulation. They require some degree of manual labor as they must be hauled out of storage, plugged in, and refueled every time there is a power outage.

They service appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and vital medical equipment. Industries such as construction and farming can benefit from these units at their sites. One of the biggest benefits of portable units is that they are lightweight and compact, thus can be easily stowed or towed.

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Stationary generators

For high power requirements, a stationary generator will support a large need for long periods of time. Hard-wired into the main distribution panel, these units can start manually or automatically in the case of a power outage. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) will ensure power still feeds into the power lines even in times of power emergencies; they can support high power levels in the range of 3kW to several hundreds of kilowatts, for extended periods of time.

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Choice based on requirements

Critical Power has a large inventory of both portable and stationary generators. While both types of units have their benefits and drawbacks, your purchase should be made depending on your need. Our expert sales consultants will advise you on the best type of unit for your use.