Spokane Valley, WA – October 1, 2013 – Critical Power Products & Services is known for providing industrial grade diesel generators and other mission-critical equipment to facilities such as data centers and hospitals across the globe, but one project this summer was very unique.

This summer, CPP&S teamed up with one of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the world to remove a valuable piece of equipment that was simply no longer needed, refurbish it and relocate it to a community that would be greatly impacted in Uganda, Africa.


Refurbishing this type of equipment typically uses up to 60 percent fewer resources than producing this type of equipment new, but this specific project did more good than just being “green.”

CPP&S donated a 500kW Katolight Generator to the village of Lwaboba Upper. This generator will not only provide power to the community’s medical center, but it will also assist in providing clean water to the entire village during any utility outage.

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This donation was part of a larger project in the village to ensure the medical center had enough capacity to serve Lwaboba Upper and the surrounding communities. The Professor Wamukota Memorial Medical Centre opened on August 19, 2013; now with a reception desk, 20 patient beds and a space to be used as a future operating room.

“By providing this most needed piece of equipment for the medical center and the people they serve, Critical Power Products & Services hopes that it will help in securing a brighter future for the people of Lwaboba Upper and neighboring areas in around Uganda,” said project manager Jim Shenefelt.


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