Spokane Valley, WA – October 9, 2013 – Critical Power Products & Services is known for providing industrial grade diesel generators and other mission-critical equipment to facilities such as data centers and hospitals across the globe, especially in preparation for extreme weather like we see in the peak of hurricane season.

This past weekend, the south eastern part of the United States was touched by what was formerly ‘Hurricane Karen,’ and while no longer a tropical storm, Karen continues to pour rain and send flood warning to lower areas of the country.

The National Hurricane Center was hindered by understaffed crew as a result of the government shut down, therefore the residents of areas extending from Louisiana to the Florida peninsula have been told to stock up on bottles of clean water, batteries and flash lights in case the storm causes major power outages.

As Karen hovers over land, the winds have begun to die down and weaken Karen from a tropical storm to gusty winds and high rains. To ensure your hospital or major business complex does not lose power during this disturbance, CPP&S provides and installs surplus and used industrial grade generators that will keep your business online and moving forward.

A Brief Summary of Critical Power Products & Services

Since 1993, CPP&S has built a reputation as a trusted resource across the globe as a supplier of this highly specialized equipment including industrial backup power generators, computer room air conditioners, uninterruptible power supply systems, power transformers and other mission-critical industrial equipment; all vital components in keeping companies online in today’s connected world.


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Mobile trailer mounted and permanently installed stationary generators are the best way to ensure backup power for your power critical operations during hurricane season. CPP&S has a large selection of generators available locally and globally. Don’t let hurricane season disturb your business.

Critical Power Products & Services is your single point of contact for disposal or acquisition of reliable datacenter, environmental and power equipment. Specializing in diesel generators, backup power, UPS, data center cooling and raised access flooring since 1993.  www.criticalpower.com