Spokane Valley, WA – September 16, 2013 Critical Power Products & Services is a local company doing big business internationally, buying and selling industrial backup diesel generators, air conditioners, chillers, transformers, raised access flooring and other environmental equipment used in the data center industry, hospitals and financial institutions across the globe.

The international marketplace, and high demand for this equipment, allows CPP&S to offset project costs to their clients, by placing value onto each asset to be removed or decommissioned. Traditionally this process would be a cost to clients, but CPP&S turns this process into a “green” source of revenue.

In 2012, CPP&S paid out over $9 million to clients for asset recovery. This was a $1 million increase over the previous year.

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Since 1993, CPP&S has built a reputation as a trusted resource across the globe as a supplier of this highly specialized equipment including industrial backup power generators, chillers, computer room air conditioners, uninterruptible power supply systems, raised access flooring, power transformers and other mission-critical industrial equipment, vital in keeping companies online in today’s connected world.

Refurbishing this type of equipment typically uses up to 60 percent fewer resources than producing this type of equipment new; while simultaneously supplying this mission-critical equipment much faster and at a cost savings up to 40 percent to the end user.

“We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of support to our clients through every step of each project,” said Nicholas Peterson, director of marketing. “We have built a great reputation in the industry through our seamless project management and providing top quality equipment refurbished by our tenured specialists.”

“Globally, no other company really specializes in this process like we do.”

Critical Power Products & Services is your single point of contact for disposal or acquisition of reliable datacenter, environmental and power equipment. Specializing in diesel generators, backup power, UPS, data center cooling and raised access flooring since 1993.  www.criticalpower.com