Spokane Valley, WA – December 20, 2013 – Critical Power Products & Services is known for providing industrial grade diesel generators and other mission-critical equipment to facilities such as hospitals and data centers across the world, especially when preparing for severe winter storms.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac 2013-2014 predictions, this upcoming winter season is panning out to produce a severe and fierce winter storm lasting well into the spring of ‘14.

Winter Storm

The Farmers’ Almanac is a 197 year-old publication that claims to have an 80-85 percent accuracy rate. Publishing their predictions a year in advance, these eccentric meteorologists forecast a dangerously bitter winter for over two-thirds of the United States. It’s also anticipated that the will U.S. experience extremely heavy and possibly damaging snowfall throughout the Midwest.

When preparing for large, threatening storms, there are serious winter precautions that are important for companies and business owners to take, in order to protect mission-critical equipment. To ensure your hospital or major business complex does not lose power during this winter disturbance, CPP&S can provide and install surplus or used industrial grade generators that will keep your business online and moving forward.

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According to the Farmer’s Almanac predictions we can expect winter to last through a mid-March “wave of storminess stretching from coast to coast, bringing a wide variety of precipitation types as well as strong and gusty winds.”

Power outages due to storms such as these are not uncommon. Power loss today often means revenue loss for many businesses. CPP&S has used and surplus generators available at a cost savings of up to 40 percent; inventory is often also available immediately, versus the several week turnaround from the original manufactures.

Since 1993, CPP&S has built a reputation as a trusted resource across the globe as a supplier of this highly specialized equipment including industrial backup power generators, computer room air conditioners, uninterruptible power supply systems, power transformers and other mission-critical industrial equipment. All vital components in keeping companies online in today’s connected world.

Critical Power Products & Services is your single point of contact for disposal or acquisition of reliable datacenter, environmental and power equipment. Specializing in diesel generators, backup power, UPS, data center cooling and raised access flooring since 1993.  www.criticalpower.com