Surplus Generators, Like New for Less.

Power outages are irritating and can cost you money by putting your business on hold for minutes, hours, days or even weeks. If your company operates in an area that is prone to blackouts or frequent power losses, it is strongly recommended that you protect your ability to remain online and functioning by purchasing a previously-owned or surplus power generator.

At Critical Power Products & Services, we have a large stock of previously-owned generators that have, for one reason or another, never been used. We purchase these pieces of equipment from all over the country out of factories, private parties and large inventories that have no need for these perfectly operating generators. Reasons for this may include a surplus of manufacturing equipment, seasonal goods, over purchasing, bankruptcy or change in facility operation. These like-new surplus generators have sometimes never been installed or brought online, making them great choices for facilities looking for cost-effective and yet dependable products.

750kw Cat OV2 Surplus Generator

Customers typically choose to purchase preowned equipment because it can save you money. While the quality of our products are high, but the prices are cut dramatically low. Certainly cost savings will differ by equipment, yet it is common for our clients to see total savings of up to 50% off retail prices on previously owned refurbished and surplus items. CPP&S prices our unit’s way below the original market-value, giving our clients the best deals possible.

Surplus means like-new! Too often buyers hear the words used or previously-owned and have the misconception that the product will be damaged or unreliable. Yet at CPP&S, our equipment is often received in the original factory packaging, meaning your generator has been untouched or tampered with and is ready for use. By purchasing one of these used generators, you can rest assured that it has been tried and tested and is still in peak condition. In addition, CPP&S has formed key relationships with high rated electrical and mechanical services and who approve and guarantee full functionality of our surplus and used generators.

Surplus saves the environment. Technology is constantly being warped, updated and over-produced. In a world where the newest and most expensive products reign the brain, it is smart thinking to purchase the same surplus items at a discounted price from CPP&S. By reusing surplus generators, we are saving ourselves from the over-production of unneeded equipment and the unnecessary use of natural resources. CPP&S believes that it is best to keep these reusable products out of the land fields and keep them in the hands of those who can use them the most. There will always be a need for power generators, so why not use what we have today to fill today’s needs? Reducing pollution by minimizing waste is just one step CPP&S is taking towards environmental sustainability.

Ideal for buyers and sellers. Whether you are an experienced company or a low-budget facility, CPP&S has a range of options to best fit your needs. We have a wide variety of surplus power generators of all types and sizes to choose from. We carry gasoline, diesel, natural gas and liquid propane industrial power generators. Our inventory is consistently growing and filling with brand options including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit and Kohler products ranging from 20kw to 4MV. Purchasing used generators is easy and stress-free.

Looking to sell? Get rid of those generators and other power products you are no longer using and free up a little office space! Critical Power Products & Services is always looking to buy new or used generators, standby or prime. We will take your open or enclosed equipment from 20 kilowatts up to 4MV. In 2011, we paid out over 8 million dollars to our customers in return for their unneeded products and equipment. Keep the cash in your pocket by investing in surplus products with CPP&S.

We pull out all the stops. From start to finish, CPP&S can do it all. Our certified project managers can schedule a walk-on site survey to decipher the best way to handle your project. Next, our specialists can help safely remove old equipment and then deliver your surplus purchases right to your business. This saves you time, money and reduces stress by letting CPP&S do the work for you. What can we do for you?