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The advent and expansion of IT technologies like cloud and SaaS, as well as the sheer reliance of businesses on data and systems makes the data center relocation critical to the success of today’s businesses. As system demands increase, businesses turn to data center consolidation, migration, and relocation to contain costs, reduce risk, improve redundancy, and enhance system performance.

To maximize these benefits you need data center relocation services you can count on. You need Critical Power Products & Services.

Data Center Services For Any Need

Critical Power Products & Services (CPP&S) has compiled a talented team of employees, some of who have nearly 20 years of experience providing seamless data center relocation services that help organizations manage their data centers and adapt to changing business conditions.

Our expertise spans all aspects of data center relocation from initial assessment to final disposal. Available services include:

  • Planning and Project Management
  • Moving and Rigging Services
  • Data Center Relocation Packaging
  • Complete Site Demolition and Decommissioning
  • Equipment Purchasing and Sales
  • Disposal and Recycling of Base Materials
  • Asset Liquidation
  • Site Restoration

We can handle as little or as much of your data center transition as you need!

Data Center Services For Any Need

Our goal is to provide data center relocation and transition services that do not unduly disrupt your business, protect the integrity of your data and physical system components, and meet your organizational objectives for the relocation.

We work very closely with our clients to make these transitions as painless as possible. Our industry experts break down what can be a complex process into manageable activities, ensuring no detail is missed and every one of your concerns is addressed – all before a single piece of equipment is touched. This attention to detail is supported by a flexible and friendly approach to data center relocation that creates a true partnership between CPP&S and our clients.

Our data center services save our clients money, position the data center for anticipated growth, and reduce organizational risk. IT systems are made less complex and confusing, more scalable, and significantly more efficient.

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