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Don’t Let Power Loss Destroy Your Crops or Harvest Storage

How important is a dependable power source to you? Farmers that depend on electricity for hydroponic grows, irrigation and watering, or grain storage know without a reliable power source, there’s a lot at stake. You need back-up power, and Critical Power’s team of experts can help determine which new or used Diesel, Natural Gas, or Propane generator would be right for your agricultural generator application.

New & Pre-Owned Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane Generators For Farms, Orchards and Grow Operations.

Critical Power’s experts can visit your site to help determine the right generator to meet your needs. We’ve installed new and used agricultural back-up power units all over the U.S. We specialize in crafting custom solutions for large hydroponic grows, orchards, farms and granaries. Agricultural operations like yours need reliable power…Critical Power can deliver.

Diesel Generators

Despite the high price of fuel, diesel generators in agriculture represent a tried and true power source due to their reliability and longevity. As long as they are serviced and maintained properly, and depending on specifications, they can average 3 to 5 years of continuous use before needing an overhaul.

NG/LPG Generators

With lower fuel costs, NG/LPG generators are by far the most widely utilized stand-alone power sources in agriculture. These machines are typically more electrically and thermally efficient than diesel generators and are the most emission-friendly of the generator options. They can also be combined with heat-recovery equipment to create cogeneration power plants, which allow the growers to capture the heat from the exhaust and provide inexpensive methods of heating and cooling, through the use of absorption chillers.

Mobile Generators

Critical Power offers new and used mobile generators when the situation requires. We sell units that can be moved on skids along with those on trailers when backup power in more than one location might be needed.

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