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Cannabis & Greenhouse Generators for Grow Operations: An Appetite for Energy

As most commercial cannabis, greenhouse and vertical grow operations already know: energy is expensive. It consumes at least 20%, if not more, of most grow-op budgets. But the cost isn’t the only challenge grow-ops face, getting the necessary energy supply from the local power and utility organizations isn’t always possible and can be an even bigger challenge to grow-op success.

Indoor agriculture requires an enormous amount of planning to ensure proper power needs for crop production and that ideal conditions are maintained 24/7 throughout the growing cycle. How can growers get the sustainable, independent energy resources they need? With a proper energy management plan that increases grid independence and helps secure financial success.

If you run a grow-op and don’t have time to wait on your local power company to upgrade your power supply, it’s time to explore the alternative energy options out there.

Leverage our team of energy equipment experts to help you find the right grow-op power equipment so you can move more toward grid independence and discover potential energy savings.

Electricity usually represents at least 20% of the total cost of a greenhouse grow-op.

Grow-ops typically need about 1,000 amps for every 10,000 feet.

The energy footprint of a typical grow-op is 8-10 times a similar size office space.

Smart Energy Strategies Start Here

The commercial grow-op industry is an exciting and fast-growing market. Plants typically farmed in environmentally controlled greenhouses often require a massive amount of power for lighting and cooling, and for operating ancillary equipment needed to ensure proper and robust crop productivity.

The enormous electrical requirements needed to produce commercial grows are placing overwhelming demands on power grids, and utility companies lack the labor force and capital to complete expensive upgrades to handle the ever-increasing need for more power in a timely manner.

Cannabis & commercial greenhouses need an energy plan that meets their grow-op set-up demands. If you’re a commercial grower, your energy plan can be one of the most difficult parts of running your grow business – but it’s also one of the most important to get right. Let our experts help you find the best energy solutions for your grow-op!

Diesel Generators

Despite the high price of fuel, diesel generators represent a tried and true power source due to their reliability and longevity. As long as they are serviced and maintained properly, and depending on specifications, they can average 3 to 5 years of continuous use before needing an overhaul.

NG/LPG Generators

With lower fuel costs, NG/LPG generators are by far the most widely utilized stand-alone power sources in the grow-op industry. These machines are typically more electrically and thermally efficient than diesel generators and are the most emission-friendly of the generator options. They can also be combined with heat-recovery equipment to create cogeneration power plants, which allow the growers to capture the heat from the exhaust and provide inexpensive methods of heating and cooling, through the use of absorption chillers.


More sophisticated Cogen plants can incorporate Co2 scrubbers to capture, clean, and utilize the gas from the exhaust for injection into their greenhouses and indoor operations, reducing and even eliminating the cost of Co2 deliveries. In fact, Combined Heat and Power (CHP or Cogen) is the best power solution for indoor and greenhouse applications: not only does it lower overall operation costs, but it is also the most environmentally friendly option by capturing the bulk of emissions and thus lowering the release of Co2, NoX, and other gases into the atmosphere.

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