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Dairy Farm Generators: Reliable Power Is The Key

As severe weather patterns and electrical grid reliability become more of a concern in America’s heartland, the dairy farmer has been forced to seek backup power through Dairy Farm Generators.

A dairy operation requires an enormous amount of reliable power to operate. Should the primary power source go down, efficient backup power needs to be up and running quickly. With a proper energy management plan that increases grid independence, dairy farmers can help secure financial success.

If you operate a dairy farm, you need to explore alternative, backup energy solutions. Our team of energy equipment experts will help you find the right efficient power equipment to keep your business operating in the case of grid failure.

Our team is specially trained to help this relatively new Crypto mine industry stay up and running with some of the most reliable and powerful backup generators available.

According to estimates, electricity alone accounts for 2 to 5% of a dairy farm’s production costs. This translates to annual electricity use of 700 to 900 kilowatt hours (kWh) per cow or 3.5 to 4.5 kWh per cwt.

Cows are milked multiple times a day. Keeping the milking on schedule is important for both the health of the animals and the profits of the farm. A power failure can be devastating.

Due to consolidation in the Dairy Farm industry, an increase in weather extremes and a challenges facing an antiquated power grid, it’s now more important than ever to have a dependable source of back-up power.

Smart energy strategies start here

The Dairy industry is going through some major changes. Dairy operations must be extremely efficient in order to maintain profitability. One of the biggest areas of expense for an operation like this is a reliable source of electricity. Critical Power can help you by creating a smart, efficient energy plan that will prepare you for any emergency.

Diesel Generators

Despite the high price of fuel, diesel generators represent a tried and true power source due to their reliability and longevity. As long as they are serviced and maintained properly, and depending on specifications, they can average 3 to 5 years of continuous use before needing an overhaul.

NG/LPG Generators

With lower fuel costs, NG/LPG generators are by far the most widely utilized stand-alone power sources for many industries, Dairy included. These machines are typically more electrically and thermally efficient than diesel generators and are the most emission-friendly of the generator options. They can also be combined with heat-recovery equipment to create cogeneration power plants, which allow the growers to capture the heat from the exhaust and provide inexpensive methods of heating and cooling, through the use of absorption chillers.

Mobile Generators

Critical Power offers new and used mobile generators when the situation requires. We sell units that can be moved on skids along with those on trailers when backup power in more than one location might be needed.

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