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Protect Your Grocery Store’s Perimeter Departments With Reliable Generator Backup Power!

We Have New/Used Generators In Stock, Shipped With Minimal Wait Time!

More shoppers mean more pressure is put on your store’s meat/seafood, deli, produce, dairy and frozen food departments, not to mention your massive refrigeration needs. It’s critical your managers are able to meet increasing customer demands while protecting your inventory and profits.
Critical Power is ready to help you with high quality new or used diesel or gas generators…ready to ship with minimal turnaround time.

Our team is specially trained to help this relatively new Crypto mine industry stay up and running with some of the most reliable and powerful backup generators available.

Amid Increased Consumer Demand, A Power Loss Could Be Disastrous For Your Stores.

It doesn’t take long for perishables to spoil. Without adequate prime or backup power, a grocery store could lose tens of thousands of dollars in inventory in a power loss. Critical Power’s experienced team can help determine the right prime or backup power generator you need to stay in business and feed your community should disaster strike.

Diesel Generators

Fuel-efficient, and extremely reliable, they come in a variety of sizes…from new or used lightweight portable models to heavy-duty power plants capable of providing primary or backup power for large stores or warehouses.

NG/LPG Generators

Very clean running, natural gas generators provide emission compliance in both indoor and outdoor applications. Stores may choose natural gas generators when safe, efficient operation and minimal upkeep are required.

Mobile Generators

Critical Power offers new and used mobile generators when the situation requires. We sell units that can be moved on skids along with those on trailers when backup power in more than one location might be needed.

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