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Can Your Hotel or Resort Afford A Catastrophic Power Outage?

Our New & Used Generators Can Keep Your Hotel Or Resort Running When Disaster Strikes.

Weather extremes, floods, pandemics or power grid failures are becoming more and more of an issue. Your Hotel or Resort is at risk for prolonged shut down if you don’t have a reliable source of prime or backup power when disaster strikes.

Critical Power knows how important our inventory of new, pre-owned and mobile trailer-mounted generators can be in a time of crisis. Our team of experts can help assess your prime and standby power needs and recommend the right diesel, natural gas or portable generator for your Hotel.

New & Pre-Owned Diesel, Natural Gas and Mobile Generators Ready To Ship…With Minimal Turnaround Time!

Hotels and Resorts are particularly vulnerable to weather disasters, power grid failures and interruptions of service. Because different sized facilities have different back-up power needs, the Critical Power team goes to great lengths to offer a wide variety of new, pre-owned and mobile generators on hand to ensure quick turnaround time on orders.

Diesel Generators

Fuel-efficient, and extremely reliable, they come in a variety of sizes…from new or used lightweight portable models to heavy-duty power plants capable of providing primary or backup power for large hotels and resorts.

NG/LPG Generators

Very clean running, natural gas generators provide emission compliance in both indoor and outdoor applications. Hotels & resorts may choose natural gas generators when safe, efficient operation and minimal upkeep are required.

Mobile Generators

Critical Power offers new and used mobile generators when the situation requires. We sell units that can be moved on skids along with those on trailers when backup power in more than one location might be needed.

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