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Municipal Water Sewer Generator Systems: Reliable Backup Power Avoids Disaster

Worst-case scenarios have been happening to cities with increasing regularity. A city sewage treatment plant experiences a power outage, n-flow and out-flow pumps shut down, and untreated waste is released to surface waters.

A more serious scenario occurs when drinking water can’t be pumped in, properly treated and made available to the community.

Municipalities must obtain and maintain dependable primary and backup power to avoid local disasters. And as towns and cities grow, existing prime or backup generators may prove to be inadequate.

Uninterrupted Water Supply, Uninterrupted Wastewater Treatment

The team at Critical Power is experienced at evaluating the backup power needs of towns, cities and rural water districts.  We can provide on-site analysis and recommendations to help your district plan for any possible emergency.  We offer both new and used quality generators for every municipal situation.

Diesel Generators

Fuel-efficient, and extremely reliable, they come in a variety of sizes…from new or used lightweight portable models to heavy-duty power plants capable of providing primary or backup power for large stores or warehouses.

NG/LPG Generators

Very clean running, natural gas generators provide emission compliance in both indoor and outdoor applications. Municipalities may choose natural gas generators when safe, efficient operation and minimal upkeep are required.

Mobile Generators

Critical Power offers new and used mobile generators when the situation requires. We sell units that can be moved on skids along with those on trailers when backup power in more than one location might be needed.

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