Save up to 50% on raised computer flooring!

flooring-01Listed below is a partial list of the computer room raised floor and access flooring systems we have in stock. Our inventory of pre owned raised computer flooring and network room access flooring changes daily so we are able to supply our clients with the raised floor system they need, often at savings of 40-50% off of new pricing.

If you are looking for Raised Access Computer Flooring Replacement Panels for your existing Computer Room Flooring system, Critical Power Products & Services can assist you in properly identifying your existing panels and provide you with used or new replacement options.

Whatever the size, we can provide turn-key solutions for the most complex Raised Flooring Projects. Our specialized teams of installers can conduct a facility walk-thru, and work with you to plan the installation. This “site survey” insures that all precautions are taken into consideration to assure safe and secure conditions during the duration of the project.

If there is a type of raised floor in particular that you are looking for and do not see it listed, please contact one of our Project Managers (877-315-4176 or 509-228-0178), fill out a Quick Equipment Quote Form or e-mail your request to



Raised Access Computer Flooring Available Today

Liske Mark 30 Hollow Steel Panels
Used Raised Access Flooring
1/8″ HPL Laminate
Colors: Grey Matrix
Perforate Panels Available
Liske Mark 40 Hollow Steel Panels
Used Raised Computer Flooring
Top Edge Laminate – 1/8″ depth
Colors: Tan Swirl & White Solid
Perforated Panels Available
Donn 40 Concrete Filled Panels
Used Raised Access Flooring
Brown C-Trim HPL 1/8″
Color: Tan
Tate CC1250 Con-Core Panels
Used Raised Computer Flooring
1/8th” Laminate
Color: Pebble
Metric Concrete Filled Flowing
Surplus Raised Computer Flooring
HP2191 C-Trim
Color: Grey Starlight
Surplus Condition
ASM Woodcore Computer Room Flooring, Beige HPL
Zhaohui Cement Core, Computer Room Flooring, HPL Grey Swirl
Lisky Mark 30, Used Raised Computer Flooring, Grey Starlite
Tate, Pre owned Raised Flooring, Hollow Steel, Grey Starlite
Tate, Pre owned Raised Flooring, Perforated, Hollow Steel, Grey Starlite
Lisky Mark 40, Pre owned Computer Room Flooring, Hollow Steel, Tan Swirl

flooring-02 flooring-03 flooring-04


Infinity Air Grate – Perforated Panel

The Infinity Air Grate is a 24″ x 24″ steel perforated raised access flooring panel with a factory applied white epoxy powder coat finish to prevent corrosion (other finishes are available). The built-in self-retracting lift handle makes this perforated panel easy to lift and manage.

What sets this perforated floor tile apart from others is the adaptability to different raised access floor structures and systems. The Infinity Air Grate is compatible in raised access flooring systems with up to a maximum stringer width of 1-3/16″.

The Infinity Air Grate delivers over twice the CFM of average raised access flooring tiles with a minimum open area of 55%. Tests showed that with a static pressure of .10 in water column, the Air Grate delivered 1145 CFM.

This heavy-duty perf panel can withstand a static load of 1,500 lb. on one square inch. It can also withstand a minimum ultimate load (safety factor) capacity of 4,000 lbs.

Leveling legs (top-side adjustment screws) and z-brackets can be purchased separately to adjust the fit of the panel so that the panel can be nested to fit flush with existing computer room raised floors.