Every disaster plan should include how the business will get power in the event of a natural disaster or prolonged power outage. Critical service providers likely have standby generators, but what about other businesses? If your business isn’t critical but you want to be up and running after a disaster, you might find yourself looking for mobile generators. The process can be overwhelming given the many choices and considerations you’ll have to make. Do your homework ahead of time so you can quickly act and secure mobile generators when needed. They will become scarce very quickly if there is a prolonged outage.

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Sizing Mobile Generators

Sizing a mobile generator works the same way as sizing a primary or standby generator. Ask yourself:

  • How much emergency power is needed? Consider if you will be powering the entire facility or just certain critical loads. Check your utility bills for the last several months to get an idea of how much power you need. The bill should show your peak amount in kW.
  • Where will the generator be placed? Mobile generators can be small enough to fit into a house or as large as a semi-trailer; due to size constraints, placement is an important consideration when choosing the right sized generator. You want to be close to the electrical panel, but far enough away from foot traffic/public access that cords are not a hazard.
  • What are the fuel requirements? You’ll need to store fuel on-site if you expect to have the mobile generators on-site for extended periods of time. Consider how much fuel the generator requires, the tank size, its gallons per hour usage rate, and how many hours per day you expect to use the machine. Your generator rental company can help you determine your usage amount. Once you know this amount you will need to determine if you will be able to store fuel on site or if you’ll require delivery and how frequently.

Sourcing Mobile Generators Ahead Of Time

The best bit of advice we can give is to source your generator before you need it. Mobile generators quickly become hard to find in an emergency. Identify an emergency generator power provider in advance and talk to them about their products and services. Do they have mobile generators that meet your needs? Will they deliver fuel? If they specialize in disaster response, the provider will likely be able to handle all of your needs from sourcing, delivery, connections, fueling, and service. You may even be able to sign a contract with the company to ensure they have a generator on standby and available for you.

Mobile Generator

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